Mar 05 2011

Eve Lentz on Jack Herer


Jack Herer, The Emperor of Hemp, died on Tax Day, April 15th, 2010.

He was reported to have been in a coma since he suffered a heart attack at HempStalk in Portland, Saturday, September 12th, 2009.

It has also been reported by intimates that he intended to launch the signature drive to get his marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot two weeks later at WAMMFest in Santa Cruz on 26 Sep 09.

Serious questions remain regarding his heart attack and the events leading up to his death.

Eve Lentz was among Herer’s inner circle.

She published the following on my Facebook wall when I commented that I was still stunned that Herer died on Tax Day:

Before his heart attack, Jack told us that Jeannie had left him in June of 2009.   Jack said that they violently disagreed over a manuscript that he wrote “The Most High- Plant Secrets Of The Gods And Explorations Revealing The End Of The World As You Know It” and that he was afraid that Jeannie would put him in a Nursing home or have him declared insane if he tried to have the manuscript published. That is one of the reasons that he signed a Power of Attorney (POA) and a Medical Directive on the day of his heart attack. The Power of Attorney states his intent to protect his interests with the manuscript.

After Jack’s heart attack, Jeannie came to Oregon, kicked Chuck Jacobs out of Jack’s hospital room, yelling that he drugged Jack and caused his heart attack.  Not long after, Joy Graves told us about the POA and medical directives, and all three of us had many discussions with each other, Jack’s friends, and with some lawyers about what to do.  We all knew what Jack had told us and we believed him.

After leaving Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Jeannie put Jack in” that” (Avamere Riverpark of Eugene) nursing home…put a DNR [do not resuscitate] on Jack (they aren’t treated with hope, just basic care) (the DNR was put on Jack hours after Jeannie learned that Jack and I were in a relationship.  Just Coincidence?)  Then, Jeannie told everyone, over and over, that Jack could not communicate, even though she saw Jack communicate with Joy Graves and I just fine.

Jeannie kept Jack at Avamere for over 5 months, AFTER telling everyone how “bad it was for him, there”, and how he fell out of bed several times.   While Joy Graves and I were with Jack, they increased his therapies and he WAS aware, awake and very communicative.  Jack’s doctor referred Jack to a rehab in San Francisco, and we had not only the money donated, to fly him with a nurse, there for treatment of his specific brain injuries, and they had a team of doctors who would have decided his treatment.   Avamere has no doctors in house, so Joy would have to pay an ambulance to have Jack taken to doctor’s appointments and to go to the ER.  In fact, when Jack was taken to the ER for renal failure, Chuck refused to pay the ambulance, so Joy had to pay it so Jack could be treated.

Then, Chuck Jacobs took over and kicked Joy and I out for “stirring the pot”, and he put back the DNR on Jack that Joy had just taken off.   After Joy and I were gone, Jeannie started Jack on Hospice, instead of sending him to one of the best rehabs for brain injuries, and took him home to “die”.  Later, Jack’s son, Mark, told me that Jack “died the way he would have wanted to” and that his death was “peaceful.”

I do not believe his death was “peaceful” nor do I believe he wanted to to be in the hands of the wife he was terrified of.  The only time that I saw Jack almost fall out of bed, was when Jeannie was sitting beside him with her hand on his arm.  I was on the other side of the room, reading, so I didn’t notice anything until Jack yelled in a loud voice “EVE”!  It was a scared and terrified voice and when the nurse and I reached Jack, he was so far moved on his bed, that if the wheels hadn’t been locked, he would have already fallen between the bed and wall.  If Jack, “couldn’t move” then how did he get several feet away from where the nurses had just put him.  If he couldn’t communicate, how could he yell “EVE? (the head nurse was in the doorway when this happened so she saw everything).  And if you had seen the look of terror on his face, the tears he cried and how long it took me to calm him down from shaking, after Jeannie left, you would know what I know.  Jack did not die a peaceful death..

When Jeannie was selling T-shirts that said “Jeannie and Jack Herer- A Marijuana Love Story With A Happy Hemp Oil Ending”, I just couldn’t believe it! The shirts were 100% cotton. Jack may have had a hemp oil ending, but I don’t think it was very happy!

I was very happy that they let Jeannie give Jack the oil at Legacy Emanuel. The staff was monitoring all of Jack’s vitals. When Jeannie moved Jack to Avamere, she knew it was not THC friendly, so she was caught putting it in his feeding tube.   Before you all go “All right, Jeannie”, Jack was taking 18 different medications and was a diabetic with high blood pressure.   Avamere could not monitor his other meds with the oil, because they don’t allow THC.  After Jeannie gave him the oil, the nurses “caught” her because his feeding tube was plugged up with black oil.  Do I need to say that again? His feeding tube was plugged up with black oil.   From that point on, they wouldn’t even allow anyone to give Jack anything made of hemp (not even lip balm) and Adult Protective Services was called to test Jack for THC.

The next time that someone put the hemp oil into Jack (not Jeannie), he ended up in the ER with Renal failure.  Before going to the ER, Jack’s blood sugar went sky high and his blood pressure went way down.  When he arrived at the ER, he was covered in his own feces and was worked on for 20 minutes before he was stableized.  The person had put the oil in a suppository and put it up Jack’s butt.

Jack almost died that night, but that someone was happy that “Jack got his oil!” and “Jack’s better.  He’s talking, now!”   The only reason we can think of for Jack to have reacted to that oil, is that it was made with alcohol and we think that all of the alcohol wasn’t boiled off like Rick Simpson says to make sure to do.  We couldn’t come up with any other reason for alcohol to be in his system with the THC, when they did the drug test at the ER.  (Drug test done after Head Nurse at Avamere called the hospital and told them to watch out for Jeannie Herer, because they caught her giving hemp oil to him.)  Also,like I said, his blood sugar went sky high!  If you had seen Jack trying to breathe, well it was awful.  Every couple minutes for the first night in the ER, he stopped breathing for some time.

To all of Jack’s friends that I have spoken with, who believed the truth I speak of, and helped Jack, Jack knows we loved him and tried to save him.  To all of Jack’s friends that I have spoken with who knew the truth I speak of, but have kept it from Jeannie and family because they were and are afraid of losing their contact with the “Jack Herer” name/events (now belonging to Jeannie), while you were kissing up to Jeannie at Jack’s funeral, how could you call yourself Jack Herer’s friend?

I miss you, Jack, and although it was a long wait in hell at Avamere, you are finally at peace. I will always be thankful to Joy Graves for letting [me] be at Avamere with you.  I was so proud of how hard you worked in therapy, how hard you would try to sing with me and how many happy moments we got to be together.  I love you!

Youth Federation in Santa Cruz is attempting to get The Jack Herer Initiative on the 2012 California ballot. A copy of the text is currently on their site:

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