Mar 27 2011

CANA & MJNA in the news, NORML ‘Next Steps’ conference Los Angeles

CANA files annual report, MJNA announces reverse merger. Videos of California NORML ‘Next Steps’ Los Angeles conference published. Ties between the Drug Policy Alliance and Monsanto, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Lilly.

Mar 20 2011

Phytoremediation, raids, taxes, and yellow journalism

Phytoremediation. Raids in Montana, San Jose, and West Hollywood. Obama releases housing memo. Paul Stanford, Steve DeAngelo, and Lynette Shaw have tax problems. Mike Boutin release Grace Farm pilot.

Mar 13 2011

Michael Jolson discusses CCHHI2012

Michael Jolson of the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative was my guest in the studio. Jolson, with Youth Federation is hoping to get the initiative written by Jack Herer to legalize marijuana on the 2012 ballot in California. You may read the initiative here:

Mar 05 2011

Eve Lentz on Jack Herer

Eve Lentz presents her view of the events culminating in the death of Jack Herer, casting serious doubt on the official version and the care he was given, implying he was murdered.