Oct 11 2011

U.S. Out of California

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With popular support for medical marijuana double that of the president, the Obama administration declares all-out war against the citizens at the behest of Wall Street to protect Big Pharma profit. Sign the petition at We The People to demand the government stop waging war against American citizens to protect pharmaceutical company profits.

Sep 30 2011

Marijuana and Wall Street

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The prohibition of marijuana is arguably the greatest crime against humanity in all of history, and the responsibility for this war against the citizens by the government lies squarely with Wall Street. It’s all about corporate greed and government corruption.

Aug 14 2011

Paul Stanford and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012

Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Oregon discusses his history as a marijuana legalization activist, beginning with becoming the NORML coordinator for Washington State in 1982, his association with Jack Herer beginning in 1984, the current state of medical marijuana and the movement in Oregon, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012.

Aug 12 2011

California judge rules medical marijuana cultivation is not agriculture

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In a case brought by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors against Foothill Growers Collective and their landlord, Superior Court Judge Paul Vortmann has ruled that growing medical marijuana is not an agricultural use of property. Foothill Growers, a collective of over 100 patients, is confident the decision will be reversed on appeal.