Aug 06 2010

Dennis Peron raided in San Francisco

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Dennis Peron September 1996 in front of 1444 Market, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club
Dennis Peron, Sep 1996 – courtesy Fred Gardner

Last Update Saturday, 7 Aug 10, 6:30 pm PDT —

“Why now?”  That is the question everyone is asking since Leland Cole announced yesterday afternoon on Facebook that Dennis Peron had been raided at his home in San Francisco.

Peron authored The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Proposition 215) and is regarded as the father of the medical marijuana movement.

Cole, founder and director of The International Cannabis Patients & Caregivers Clemency Project, reported that Peron, who was recovering from a stroke, suffered a seizure when The San Francisco Narcotics Squad broke down his door.

Peron said that he didn’t have a seizure but was having trouble breathing because of his condition, because of a stroke in March.

Peron says it was Detective Fagan, that lead the raid, which occurred at 3:30 Wednesday, 4 Aug 10, not “Vegas” or “Vargas”, as previously reported.

Peron wants to be sure the name is spelled correctly – FAGAN.

Fagan was the partner of the narc who shot Peron in 1978 and then justified the shooting in court by saying Peron’s death would have meant “one less faggot” in San Francisco.  Peron claims both father and son are rabid homophobes.

Timing Is Suspect

The previous Sunday, 1 Aug 10,  Mickey Martin, Associate Editor of West Coast Cannabis, announced Dennis Peron ends his campaign against Prop. 19, in which Steve Kubby claims he asked Peron to cease his criticism of Prop. 19 and that Peron had agreed to do so.

I’ve asked Dennis Peron to cease his criticism of Prop. 19 and he has agreed. Dennis gave me permission to make a public announcement, but I have also asked him to draft his own announcement as well.

The blog was subsequently amended as various people contacted Peron and reported that he had made no such agreement.  According to Keith Kimber:

Dennis said to me, and I suggest you call and verify for yourself. He doesn’t want 19 to lose by too much so he is done actively campaigning against it. Campaigning being the keyword.

On Tuesday evening at 10:18 pm PDT, Dragonfly De La Luz (who wrote a brilliant critique of Prop. 19), announced on Facebook that she just got off the phone with Peron and he told her he intended to actively resume his campaign against the initiative.

The next day Peron’s door was battered in by the San Francisco Police Department.

Dana Beal and David Malmo-Levine consider it an attempt on his life based on the reports that Peron was roughed up.

Peron said that while there were 15 narcs and they battered down 5 doors, they didn’t rough him up.  However, he wants to make sure the detective’s name is spelled correctly – F A G A N.

Peron notes that Wednesday was the anniversary of the raid of The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1996.  He believes the raid was about that and had nothing to do with whether he’s for or against Proposition 19.

Peron runs “the world’s only bud & breakfast”, The Castro Castle.  He says there were 12 people boarding in the house at the time.  They were all arrested and spent the night in jail.  Thursday all charges were dropped and all were released.

Peron was charged with possession for sale.  He is angry his charges were dismissed as now he can’t legally retaliate.

He says he had about a pound of marijuana, which they took, and now he’s without medicine.  However, he says they didn’t take the plants.

A series of devastating blows

On April 15, Tax Day, Jack Herer died.  Affectionately known as The Hemperor, Herer authored The Emperor Wears No Clothes and is considered the grandfather of the marijuana legalization movement.  This book, which is regarded as the bible of the marijuana movement, can be read free at his website.

Herer suffered a heart attack last September at Hempstalk in Portland.  The attack occurred minutes after he delivered a blistering condemnation of taxing marijuana.

On 12 Sep 09, Herer spoke his last words:

I don’t want to f**king give the United States government one f**king dollar of taxes. I think that they should go to f**king jail for getting you and me and 20 million people getting arrested for pot. It is the safest thing you can do in the universe. And that is what we are going to do in California. Okay? Come over to my booth, over there, and I will see you next time.”

Peron suffered a stroke this past March.  He had been scheduled to speak at The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace Sunday afternoon, April 19th, and was expected to deliver a resounding denunciation of Prop. 19.

A week after the expo, on the 26th, he announced that the previous day he’d undergone surgery (which was successful) to unblock an artery and that this is why he was unable to speak.

Peron will be speaking tonight in San Jose at Angel’s Care Collective for their 1 year anniversary.

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