Aug 18 2010

Friday the 13th

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For Friday The 13th, MJNA soars, crashes, and Ronnie Smith’s cousin is kidnapped by the hospital and locked in a mental ward.

Aug 06 2010

Dennis Peron raided in San Francisco

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“Why now?” That is the question everyone is asking since Leland Cole announced yesterday afternoon on Facebook that Dennis Peron had been raided at his home in San Francisco. Peron said that while there were 15 narcs and they battered down 5 doors, they didn’t rough him up. Peron notes that Wednesday was the anniversary of the raid of The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1996.

Aug 03 2010

A look at Oakland’s marijuana price, tax, sales, and production

These tables provide a look at marijuana sales and tax revenue for past, present, and proposed levels of production and taxation as given by the Business Tax and Revenue Division of Oakland, California. Total sales and tax revenues are shown for retail marijuana price levels ranging from $38 per ounce to $500 per ounce.