Jul 27 2010

California’s Prop 19 won’t keep much of anyone out of jail

Tom Ammiano brings a glimmer of honesty to the debate with his figure of “more than 61,000 Californians arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession in 2008 alone”.

“However, it is important to note that this statistic does not refer to any arrest demographic that the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative would affect,” declares Dragonfly

Jul 25 2010

Did Feinstein save Prop. 215?

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Examiner.com, law, legalization, proposition 19

When she signed the ballot argument against Proposition 19, which states that the marijuana initiative “makes no changes either way in the medical marijuana laws”, did Senator Diane Feinstein save California’s Prop. 215?

Jul 16 2010

California’s Proposition 19 will supersede or amend its medical marijuana laws

Proponents of California’s Regulate Control and Tax Cannabis 2010 Initiative (Prop. 19) claim it will have no effect on California’s medical marijuana laws, that it “explicitly upholds the rights of medical marijuana patients”. The language of the initiative says otherwise.

Jul 09 2010

Two San Diego medical marijuana dispensaries robbed

Posted by J. Craig Canada in distribution, Examiner.com, raids

Reports are coming in that two medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego were robbed this morning of all their belongings by federal agents. The dispensaries attacked were Green Kross at 3415 Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach and Unified Collective at 2815 Camino Del Rio, San Diego. Southern California NORML and Americans for Safe Access are reported Continue reading →