Apr 10 2010

The new war on drugs

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Marcel Gignac
Marcel Gignac – with permission.

The following opinion piece was written by Marcel Gignac and published by him yesterday on Facebook. Marcel is one of the 5,000 or so legal medical marijuana patients in Canada.

The most current figures on Health Canada’s website are for June 2009, when there were 4,029 persons authorized to possess dried marihuana under Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR).

Marcel states that from November 2009 through January 2010 Health Canada received 1,500 applications to use cannabis legally as medicine and that the time required to process these applications has increased from 4-to-6 weeks to 12-to-16 weeks.

Marcel has Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis also known as Acute MS. He takes three pills per day containing pure hemp oil which he says is equal to 8 grams of bud. He also smokes 2 grams per day. He says his MS is under control at this dosage and that he is now able to “function”.

Since they can’t get approval for testing in Canada, Marcel is documenting everything himself and plans to have a report ready in a couple of weeks.

He is currently working with 12 MS patients “either doing the oil or doing the paperwork to secure their Health Canada card.”

He is also working with a grower who is a plant geneticist specializing in cannabis in order to identify and develop the best strains for MS: “His knowledge on turpenes and tannins has been a godsend in dealing with MS fatigue as we are on the right track for the ultimate MS strain.”

The NEW War On Drugs

by Marcel Gignac

People gettin’ high

People gettin’ low

People gettin’ nowhere

‘Cause they don’t know where to go

“General Hand Grenade – Trooper”

I have been kind of keeping my mouth shut about this because I could see it coming and now it is here. My reason for keeping my mouth shut is because I have friends from both sides.

For years I was a recreational cannabis smoker. I broke the law and always wished it was legalized or even taxed and controlled like alcohol. At the time I also realized that I didn’t need as many pain killers for my back and my bronchitis was always kept well under control. I also used it to cope with stress from work and life. Of course, back then no one believed me because all the propaganda said otherwise. So I quit.

For ten long years.

In 2000 when it became legal for medical use in Canada, I looked at a lot of my friends and said… “told you so”. But I refrained because I had coped so long with ibuprofen for pain and alcohol for stress that I was fine.

In 2008, I started using cannabis again, not because I wanted the buzz, but because I needed the relief. For two years I was filled with a ton of pharmaceuticals but the only thing that actually worked was the cannabis. My goal of being pharmaceutical free by 2011 was achieved by Feb. 2010 with the only medication now being a very high dose of cannabis on a daily basis.

For years there has been a stupid ‘War on Drugs’ for all the wrong reasons. Governments against the people. Medical patients pushed to be able to medicate. Activists pushed to support medical patients.

Canada and some States got smart and allowed cannabis for medical purposes. Some even made provisions for patients to grow their own making their costs for medicine virtually nothing. I can attest that that alone was the best decision made to date.

That of course will count as a win for the patients. It also didn’t take long for the activists to realize that they were being left out in the cold. This has made for some upset (although they won’t admit it publicly) activist groups.

Now the line is being drawn between the patients and the activists.

The activists have decided to take advantage of the economic crisis to educate the public on how many billions of dollars of revenue can be made by taxing cannabis. This is nothing new and has been said for years but the world needs help so now more are actually listening.

This is all fine and good for the economy and for the recreational users that want to get a buzz every now and then… but the patients get fucked. Different groups are of course making different suggestions, but the one that seems to get the most attention right now is this $50 per ounce tax.

That may not seem like a lot, but when you look at the “so-called” compassion clubs selling medical cannabis for sometimes more than $400.00 per ounce. Adding another $50.00 and ounce may not seem like much.

And the proposal to tax personal growers at the rate of $50.00 per ounce doesn’t seem that bad either if you only have a couple plants.

Of course it only gets bad if you are someone like me that would have to pay that tax on 10 ounces per month. I am sure no activist out there will be willing to pay MY new $500.00 per month increase. And trust me if you are that sick that you are consuming 10 oz per month… you are on a fixed income and cannot afford that kind of hit.


One thing I see and maybe it is just me, but the activists that seem to be pushing the taxation the most are the ones that profit from it now and will even more.

I have a better suggestion… remove it completely from any drug schedules. Encourage industrial hemp use and TAX the end product you dumb asses.

If you are afraid you might become a pothead, go ahead and keep smoking it. Once you put it into you on a daily basis, you will long be bored of it before you get high. As for your kids… there is much much worse they could be putting into themselves.

And as for the term “Compassion Club”, you should really drop the compassion. If I go into my backyard and plant 1000 plants, my only cost would be maybe some water and my labor. With an outdoor grow I could easily get 500 grams per plant.

Catching onto this lack of compassion yet? Even a proper indoor grow should have an end cost of no more than $1 per gram, yet it gets sold in some cases as high as $25.00 per gram.

I will shut up again now but I am quietly siding with the patients because I am one and we are already screwed enough, we don’t need our friends to do it to us too.

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