Apr 04 2010

A new tone from NORML and MPP?


Is it just because I’m looking for it or have NORML and MPP adopted a new tone in the past few days?

I see with regard to a proposal in the District of Columbia that would prohibit the cultivation of marijuana by medical patients NORML’s president Allen St. Pierre had this to say on 31 Mar 10 to the Washington Post:

The group’s president, Allen St. Pierre, has said in the past that the initiative D.C. voters passed requires a home-cultivation provision and that his group and others would challenge any bill without that provision.

And on 24 Mar 2010 the New York Times printed the following regarding the Colorado decision not to allow marijuana for PTSD:

Steve Fox, director of state campaigns for the Marijuana Policy Project, which favors the legal regulation of the drug, said he was disappointed in the Colorado vote, particularly given New Mexico’s policy. He noted that many antidepressants prescribed to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder have a range of potentially serious side affects, whereas medical marijuana is comparatively benign.

Whether my article had anything to do with this new approach or not, it is a refreshing change.

Hopefully, our organizations show similar cojones with regards to taxing medicine and allowing doctors, rather than state boards, determine who can be a medical marijuana patient.

Regarding that article – NORML reaches out and slaps medical marijuana patients – Russ Belville commented on it, and invited me to be on his show.

I responded, a bit too quickly I suppose, that I didn’t want to get into a pissing match with him and went on to say there was only one thing I was interested in doing on his show, and that was to have Judge Gray respond to my concerns about Tax and Regulate.

Quite frankly, I feared an ambush, that his whole point was to discredit me and not to debate issues; to paint me as an enemy of marijuana legalization.

From a Facebook comment, I learned that I was discussed on his show. I haven’t listened to the show yet.

But now I’m thinking I missed an opportunity to press for someone to do something to get The Jack Here Initiative on the ballot, though with only a couple of weeks till the deadline, it’s doubtful even a miracle could make any difference at this point.

Several days after this, on Easter Sunday, I received a Facebook email from Casper Leitch. It was hostile response to insinuations I made in The tax heard round the world – Examiner.com | 30 Aug 09.

In the article I quoted statements by Dennis Peron and Ed Rosenthal in opposition to taxing medical marijuana. I noted the statements were from Time for Hemp by Casper Leitch, and that I couldn’t find a link to the media file from Casper’s site, but only from an article by Bruce Cain.

And I pointed out that Bruce Perlowin was a sponsor of Time for Hemp and posed the possibility this could account for why that show was not listed nor cataloged in the archives.

So, on Easter Sunday I received the following email from Casper Leitch:

It’s me, Casper Leitch from Time 4 Hemp – Care 2-B A GUEST on my show???

And I thought I’d give you chance to make more clear to may audience just exactly what you mean when you said in your recent blog about the series and myself:

“The only place I can find their opinions about this is on Casper Leitch’s podcast Time for Hemp. Interestingly, the only link for this podcast appears in Bruce Cain’s article accusing the media, and specifically Anderson Cooper, of censoring discussion of “alternative approaches ‘to re-legalizing marijuana”. Several hours perusal of the Time4Hemp website and audio files have not produced a listing for this particular show. Could this be because Bruce Perlowin is a sponsor?”

Dude, I am lame at giving DETAILS about every show – I have guests in some segments that aren’t listed and lots of musical artists that aren’t listed as being in the shows they are in because I am a one man show – I run my website and do my shows by myself and have only so much time – and therefore don’t detail all the guests in every show or every musical artists. It’s not that I am HIDING anything or because one of my advertisers would be “up-set” – in fact, if you were to take the time to LISTEN to a FEW of the shows – the LIVE program and the two pre-recorded program Time 4 Hemp- MUSIC and Time 4 Hemp – TODAY – you will see that I DO NOT CENSOR anyone in anyway for any reason.

Including you. If you would like to come on my program and tell my audience exactly what you told yours – you are welcome to do so.

And then let’s you and I discuss it on the air. In the meantime – it would behoove you to google my name ‘Casper Leitch’ and the title of the show ‘Time 4 Hemp’ to better understand me and my program.

I really am floored by your words – to say the very least – you are one of my friends on face book – and yet – you tried to bite me in the ass – Old Dog, what’s up with that. Why didn’t you contact me while you were visiting my site and ask me as to where you might find a certain interview???

Do you have a hidden agenda? You sure give the impression that I do – and I don’t. My only agenda in ending the War On Drugs.

I look forward to your reply.

Casper Leitch
Host/Creator: Time 4 Hemp

My initial response was to post the following on Facebook, followed by a copy of the email:

Dear Casper Leitch:

You’re right, Dennis Peron and Ed Rosenthal are just hangers on and the fact that you didn’t bother to list or catalogue their interview opposing the taxing of medicine is perfectly understandable.

I went on to say:

What I get from all this is that I have struck a chord and that they can’t ignore the reverberations anymore.

I have been accused of everything under the sun by people both in and outside the movement for nearly twenty years now.

What I don’t see in his reply is anything about that interview being added to the listings, much less a link to it, or an apology for ‘overlooking’ it.

And then I went to his site, where a search of the 2009 archives on ‘peron’ turned up nothing.

It was 6 years ago yesterday I became the first person in San Bernardino to get felony cultivation of marijuana charges dismissed.

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