Apr 24 2010

ASA chapter for Santa Cruz uncertain

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Ten people showed up Thursday night for a meeting to organize a local chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA),  “the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.” Among the ten were 2 Hemp Sisters and 3 members of Continue reading →

Apr 21 2010

The Jack Herer Initiative post mortem

The following conversation with Michael Jolson regarding the Jack Herer Initiative occurred 10 Apr 2010 on Chuck Jacobs’ Facebook wall.

Apr 20 2010

The production cost of marijuana

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Chronic Medical Cannabis by U.S Legal Patients, part 3 See Also: 10 Apr 10 – The new war on drugs 28 Mar 10 – NORML reaches out and slaps medical marijuana patients 30 Sep 09 – Peron announces opposition to Oakland’s marijuana initiative 30 Aug 09 – The tax heard ’round the world 26 Jul Continue reading →

Apr 10 2010

The new war on drugs

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Taxing marijuana “is all fine and good for the economy and for the recreational users that want to get a buzz every now and then, but the patients get fucked,” says a Canadian multiple sclerosis patient who needs ten ounces of cannabis per month.