Nov 27 2009

Medical marijuana and caregivers

The California Supreme Court went through some truly embarrassing rhetorical gymnastics to conclude that providing marijuana to medical marijuana patients is not enough to qualify as a caregiver under The Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

Nov 21 2009

Portland’s Cannabis Cafe is not the first medical marijuana coffee shop in America

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Inside the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club circa 1995 On Friday the 13th NORML announced the opening, in Portland, of the first medical marijuana coffee shop in America.  Since then this unforgivable error has been picked up by CBS 3,, Canada Free Press, Daily Finance, Money Times, Visit Bulgaria, The New York Times, Passport Continue reading →

Nov 19 2009

Santa Cruz considers ban on more medical marijuana dispensaries

The Santa Cruz Planning Commission will have a hearing tonight, 19 Nov 09 at 7:00 PM on proposals to ban additional dispensaries, allow the sales of clones as well as on-site cultivation, and increase the set-back from residential property from 50 to 600 feet. To date, the city has no licensed production houses.  Current regulations Continue reading →

Nov 19 2009

The Jack Herer initiative to legalize marijuana receives official title and summary

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The Office of the California Attorney General released the official title and summary of the Jack Herer California Cannabis Hemp Initiative Wednesday.  The proponent has until 19 Apr 10 to gather 433,971 valid signatures to qualify for the November 2010 ballot. Three other initiatives are currently gathering signatures and the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Continue reading →