Sep 27 2009

WAMMFest incident videos

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WAMM has an annual fundraiser in the park for years now. Several years ago the city banned smoking in the park. Last year WAMM requested, and received, a lifting of the ban for 5 hours so medical marijuana patients could smoke in a tent.

This year the exemption was denied by the city council. Their excuse was that no one had asked them to put it on the agenda and they could not, by law, change the agenda within 72 hours of the meeting.

While I have some real problems with making patients go into a tent to smoke, I went to WAMMFest on the 26th to support WAMM.

When I left the park to smoke a cigarette I was harassed and rousted.

I was sitting in the only place in the shade where you could sit that was anywhere near the event, which was a low wall around the county building. Before I had finished my cigarette a van pulled up, stopping in front of me, and about 5 young men got out, throwing tarps on the pavement in front of me.

They informed me they had to rake behind me and I had to leave, and began raking pine cones and straw on me.

Now, it was a Saturday afternoon and they had to rake the only place near the event where you could sit down in the shade and smoke? Realizing what was happening, I tried to record the incident with my phone. The following videos are the result.

Unfortunately,the videos only seem to be viewable in Windows Media Player. Windows Classic, Windows Home Cinema, Realplayer, Winamp, and Quicktime do not play the video portion of the recording, though they do appear to play the audio.


This video shows the dirt they raked onto the wall so no one could sit there.

The event was deluged with signature gatherers but they didn’t seem to know there were three initiatives gathering signatures to get on the ballot or which one they represented. I could not tell from the language on the petition which one it was and they would not let me have a blank signature page nor allow me to take an image of the language. This is what happened when I tried to talk to them about it.

Initiative signature gatherers:

What video there is only works in Windows Media Player. It doesn’t show in Windows Classic, Windows Home Cinema, Quicktime, Realplayer, or WinAmp.

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