Sep 13 2009

The 2009 911 Reign of Terror

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San Diego PD Brutality Towards Medical Cannabis
Patients from Grow Tech on Vimeo.

Paul Cody addresses County Board – 23 Jun 09

Green RX Police Entrapment – 1 Jun 09

Reports continue to come in of federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries up and down the West Coast.

San Diego has been hardest hit.  In the midst of the trial of the Operation Green RX defendents, on the heels of the decision by City Council to create yet another task force on medical marijuana, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis went on a rampage.

In San Diego 14 dispensaries were robbed and vandalized and 31 people kidnapped, tortured, and held for ransom.  The terrorists, led by San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, claim they stole $70,000, 6 guns, and an undisclosed quantity of marijuana.  In justification of the robberies, Dumanis states that a single dispensary showed sales of $700,000 in the 6 months they’ve been open.

This is nothing but reefer-madness and yellow journalism of the worst sort.  The typical medical marijuana patient uses an ounce or more a month.  Seriously ill patients use far more.  The 4 remaining Investigational New Drug patients receive either 8 or 9 ounces a month from the federal government.

At $500 an ounce, there is nothing unusual about sales (not profits, sales) of $700,000 in 6 months.  One ounce a month at $500 per ounce works out to 233 patients.  At $300 per ounce, it works out to 388 patients.

Steve DeAngelo of Harborside in Oakland told Fortune 500 that the typical California dispensary has revenue of $3 million to $4 million annually.

With the mounting evidence of the dangers of pharmaceuticals, including permanent injury and death, and the efficacy and safety of cannabis, it stands to reason that health-conscious Americans will be turning to medical marijuana in droves.

Slate Magazine reported on 10 Sep 09:

According to the 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, almost 6 percent of all adults between the ages of 50 and 59 reported smoking marijuana in the past year. That’s up from about 3 percent five years earlier. Meanwhile, the number of recent users over the age of 50 has climbed to 2.65 million people nationwide (and we can assume the real prevalence is somewhat higher, since these figures are based on self-reported drug use).

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis stated on 9 Sep 09 “This investigation has nothing to do with legitimate medical marijuana patients or their caregivers”.  The person screaming in the wheelchair in the video above is Paul Derrick Cody, quoted on 28 Jul 09 by KPBS as proprietor of “one of the more established” dispensaries in San Diego.

Los Angeles has come to resemble Chicago during The Roaring Twenties as The City of Angels holds hearings to shut down over 600 dispensaries, a score or so at a time, and raids the hold-outs.  On 9 Aug 09, 11 dispensaries were raided in West Hollywood.  Three days later, two more dispensaries were raided, one in Culver City and another in West Los Angeles.

Alarmingly, The Associated Press reports on 13 Aug 09:

Authorities are not saying why they raided two medical marijuana clinics and arrested the operator at his Los Angeles home.

…Spokespeople for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Los Angeles police, and the U.S. attorney say they don’t know what Joseph was book on. County prosecutors released no details.

And in Spokane, owners of a medical marijuana dispensary were arrested for the first time in the history of Washington State’s medical marijuana law which was passed in 1998.  Police are claiming the law allows a distributor or caregiver to supply only one patient.  If they are successful it is likely most Washington State medical marijuana patients will be forced to the black market.

The raid and prosecution of the owners of Change, which has served more than 1,000 patients in the five months it was open, appear to stem from the arrest in Oregon of one of the co-owners, Scott Q. Shupe, during a buying trip across state lines.

It is abundantly clear at this point that United States Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration speak with forked tongue.  What is interesting is how cleverly they minced words to deceive.  They never exactly lied to us, they just didn’t tell us the truth.

It is now apparent that the California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown’s guidelines have all the sincerity of the government’s dealings with Native Americans.  Instead of being a truce, it was a mandate to eliminate virtually every dispensary in the state.

It appears the government thugs are using “large amounts of marijuana and money” to declare the businesses are for profit and to rob, arrest, prosecute, and destroy the proprietors and employees.  It’s almost as if the federal government is working overtime to protect pharmaceutical company profits and drum up business for “entrepreneurs” such as Bruce Perlowin of Medical Marijuana Inc.

While the flagship offering of the latter is remittance of taxes it also touts a “stored value card” which promises to remove the need for cash transactions.   Apparently, Medical Marijuana Inc. intends to bribe local officials to approve dispensaries through promises of donations to charity (specifically police and/or fire) from the profits they hope to realize from administering taxes on money the sick and dying pay for medicine.  It’s interesting to note that while Perlowin promises to donate 40% of either the revenues or profits to charity, no charity that had anything to do with medical marijuana was mentioned.

Will the lure of revenue streams from taxes on medical marijuana dampen the enthusiasm of state and national elected officials for measures such as HR 2835 and AB 390?

On 25 Aug 09 the California Senate passed a “joint resolution” calling for the federal government to cease and desist from its interference in California’s medical marijuana program.  On 11 Jul 09 Barney Frank introduced The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act (HR 2835) in Congress.

The latter would remove medical marijuana from the purview of The Controlled Substances Act and therefore the legal authority for the Drug Enforcement Administration or any other federal agency to arrest and prosecute medical marijuana patients and providers.

More importantly, it would reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana as they do pharmaceuticals, rather than “recommend” as they now do to avoid conflict with federal law.  This rescheduling will also mean marijuana when prescribed by a physician will meet the legal definition of medicine.

Meeting the legal definition of medicine will mean that medical marijuana will be exempt from taxes just as pharmaceuticals are.  Moreover, that HUD will no longer be able to evict sick and dying medical marijuana patients dependent on public housing, and that local and federal social services will no longer be able to discriminate against medical marijuana patients because of zero tolerance clauses that are part of all government grants and contracts.

On 23 Feb 09, Tom Ammiano introduced AB 390.  This legislation exempts medical marijuana patients from its $50 per ounce tax on recreational marijuana.  The estimate of $1.4 billion in tax revenue from the State Board of Equalization is not based on taxing medical marijuana patients.

It is time for the terror to end.  It is time to stop exploiting patients.  HR 2835 is the way to do it.

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