Jul 18 2009

Santa Cruz Drug Policy Examiner

Posted by J. Craig Canada in banned, Santa Cruz

While Googling the news for “medical marijuana” I ran across several exceptional articles published on examiner.com and took some time to look over their site. I decided to apply to write for them and ended up as their “Santa Cruz County Drug Policy Examiner”. If you click the title of this entry it should take you to my Examiner home page with a list of the articles I’ve written so far.

I started writing for them shortly after I published my last entry here. I’ve spent all my writing time since then working on articles for them.

They pay about a penny per view. Not every view gets counted. I’m not sure why but I’m guessing they don’t count multiple views from a single computer.

So far I’ve earned about $50 for the articles, which represents well over 50,000 views. My articles generally appear for several days on the first page of a Google news search on “medical marijuana”.

I also joined Facebook in an effort to publicize the articles and it appears to have paid off quite nicely. For one thing, I’ve reconnected with many old friends and acquaintances from the medical marijuana movement.

I submitted an application to WAMM about a month ago. After not hearing from them for a month I called. They told me they had my application and that I’m at the top of the list, but they only accept terminal patients. If I’d know that I wouldn’t have bothered to submit an application. WAMM had announced in the local paper about a month previous that they were accepting new members.

I still have a trading account from years ago when I had a little extra money. There’s nothing in it now except a couple of penny stocks that weren’t worth selling. One of the stocks pays dividends and I’ve noticed that it wouldn’t cost that much to buy enough to cover the account fees, which are about $25 every quarter. So, I’ve been thinking the past couple of months about trying to get $100 or so to put in the account in hopes of at least getting enough dividends coming in to cover the cost of the account.

The brokerage now requires a $1,000 minimum to open an account. There is no way I could open an account today. I have more month than money each and every month now. And I don’t see any way this is ever going to change or how I’m ever going to get out of Santa Cruz.

So, for several months now I’ve been keeping an eye open while going through the news for a promising penny stock. And I found one. On Friday I could have purchased 500 shares for $250 and I spent hours talking myself out of borrowing $260 against my next disability payment so I could transfer $250 to my brokerage account and put in an order for 500 shares.

I figure even if the company doesn’t pan out if I could buy at the current price I should be able to sell 100 shares somewhere down the road and get my money back, at least.

It’s entirely possible, even probable, that this company will make an announcement in the next couple of weeks or months that will send the stock through the roof. All it will take is the announcement of one government contract, and it will be a gold mine.

My opinion is it is a sound idea, one that’s time has come. I spent a lot of time considering how I would feel if I didn’t borrow the money to buy the stock and it took off. And wondering if this could be my ticket out of the miserable prison I find myself in here in Santa Cruz, Compassion Central, U.S.A.

I joined the local genealogy society last month and signed up to be a volunteer at the genealogy room in the public library. They trained me last Thursday. It will probably be after September before they make a new schedule and I don’t expect they’ll be calling me to volunteer until then.

I see one of my antagonists from Grass City responded to my blog entry about them and the marijuana sites on the internet. I published their comment just before I wrote this.

It reminds me of the response I got from an article I wrote about “medical marijuana and artists grants” inspired by a medical marijuana delivery service that has announced it -intends- to provide grants and funding for artists.

My opinion about it all was charity begins at home and that there is something really slimey about taking money that sick people have paid for medicine and giving it to artists. The owner posted a comment to the story. They started off by stating they wished I had called them and spoken with them. By the end of their comment my opinion was that they had pretty much confirmed everything I had said about them and that if I had interviewed them I probably would have been much more critical than I was and they would have been much more displeased with what I wrote.

I spent several days thinking over whether to reply to them or not and finally came to the conclusion it wasn’t necessary.

I feel pretty much the same way about the comment here regarding Grass City. Admittedly, I only skimmed it, read the first few lines, got to the part where they dared me to publish their comment, and hit the publish button.

After I finish this I will probably actually read the comment. But probably not respond as I’ve already formed the opinion they made themselves look much worse than I ever could.

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