May 17 2009

Checking In

Posted by J. Craig Canada in marijuana tickets, marijuana trial, tickets, trial

Well, I’ve managed to let over a month get by without making an entry here.

On the 22nd I got the community service signed off. So the past few weeks have been the first time in years and years I didn’t have something hanging over my head. And while I was reading the comments to the news articles on the Sentinel there was an Ikariam banner-ad and I made the mistake of, firstly, clicking it and, secondly, trying it.

After spending at least a week totally absorbed with the game I deleted my account when it became clear I would have to spend all my time playing the game to ‘win’.

In my last post I wrote about the dilemma of having more month than marijuana and the time I spent trying to decide whether to go without for 4-5 days or borrow money to buy enough to get me through the month.

Well, I decided to go without. Not having anything hanging over my head made it much easier and it wasn’t bad until the last day, when I developed a physical problem that really stressed me out.

I still haven’t filed the papers to get my property back from the police. And I’ve still got boxes of papers to sort and file lining the walls of my room.

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