May 18 2009

Bashing Patients for the good of The Movement

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A few days ago I ran across the following video where Gwen Olsen speaks at some length. I found it well worth the time. One thing I’ve never heard before is that the rapid cycling caused by SSRIs is much faster, identifiably faster, than that experienced by a “normal” (non-drug induced) bi-polar. She makes these comments about 16 minutes into the video.

I found her closing comments particularly poignant. Alex Jones asks, “In closing, where do you both see this going?”

Gwen responds: “I hope we see these drugs removed from the marketplace. That’s my desire and I will work to see that happen until the day that I die. … I’m not trying to get rich, but I am trying to get even.”

Alex Jones Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
with Author Gwen Olsen

If you do a Google Search on “medical marijuana”, the first site that will come up is According to their stats they have 47,000 members. I made a brief foray into “the best counter-culture community” and was astonished at the prejudice and ignorance about medical marijuana. And the patient bashing.

I’ve seen this before, most recently at Weedtracker. As I recall, on Weedtracker there was a thread by a patient complaining about how he was treated at a dispensary. I noticed a number of the people bashing the patient with such comments as “It’s all in how you walk in the door..”. In other words, the patient wasn’t “cool” enough to be treated with respect and dignity.

My take was the person was intimidated, patronized, mocked, and pressured into buying something that cost probably 10 times what it was worth.

These people bullying the patient had selected “patient” as their user category for the forum so that the word “patient” appeared under their screen name, while stating in comments to other topics in a different section of the forum that they worked for or owned a dispensary.

Evidently this was against the Weedtracker terms of service. You are required to identify yourself as a patient, co-op, caregiver, etc. And it was also evident that employees and/or owners of some co-ops and dispensaries were not only misrepresenting themselves as ‘patients’ but ganging up on patients to stifle their legitimate complaints and concerns. And that very few, if any, of the participants on WeedTracker were actually patients, and that the ones that displayed “patient” as their designation were actually owners of or workers at dispensaries. When I pointed this out it evidently lead to a housecleaning at WeedTracker, and a lot of grudges against me.

In short, any patient that raised a legitimate concern about prices, quality, treatment, etc., was ridiculed and bullied off the forum.

My response to the comment about “how you walk in the door” was, “What if they’re in a wheelchair?” And I pointed out that most patients are weak, sick, tired, probably in pain, and a lot of them are mobility challenged and have had to spend considerable time on public transportation to get to the dispensary. That they mostly live on social security – the hospitals and doctors have taken anything they had – and that they aren’t all that happy about paying over $400/ounce, and most of them need more than that a month.

Surprisingly, or not, that did not make me a lot of friends on Weedtracker. They banned me when someone suggested tipping the ‘bud-tenders’ and I pointed out that was the worst possible thing they could do to the movement – to equate marijuana use with alcohol. And I asked if they tip the pharmacist at Longs. And they responded that yes they did and that it didn’t always have to be money. Among the things they suggested would be appropriate tips for bud-tenders were condoms and bleach!!!

Well, I would consider that an insult myself. Not just to the bud-tender but to the movement. So when I sarcastically asked if they gave out bleach and condoms for tips at the Coconut Grove, they banned me from Weedtracker.

I did note my ‘reputation’ went through the roof after I was banned.

Previously, I’ve been banned from because I criticized Marc Emery and pointed out he hasn’t done a thing for the movement in Canada or anywhere else and that things have actually gotten worse in Canada since he and his gang of thugs took center stage.

The ring-leader of the vigilante committee on GrassCity stated they used to work for WeedTracker, and hinted rather strongly that their vendetta against me was in payback for something on WeedTracker. And they and a group of their friends began a very aggressive campaign of character assassination, completely off-topic.

One of them stated that if I had to smoke every day my medicine wasn’t working and I should try pharmaceuticals. Now, this is patient bashing. For instance, I take metformin every day, several times a day, to control diabetes. No one would suggest my metformin wasn’t working because I must take it every day, several times a day. But on “the best counter-culture community” if you say that telling patients cannabis doesn’t work if they have to use it every day is patient bashing they will gang up on you and hurl personal attacks and libel (flaming, against the Terms Of Service) until you respond in kind or leave. And if you respond in kind, they will ban you.

I’ve spent days very sad over this. Scott Imler’s statement in the L.A. Times that organized crime is now firmly entrenched in the movement came to mind. This treatment – this drug dealer paradigm where the customers are bullied and abused and ridiculed – is what fueled the first buyers club and the movement; the movement is all about patients not being treated like that to get their medicine.

Well, they deleted my account at my request, and since then WildWill, the ringleader of the jihad against me, has been brandishing the fact that they got rid of me as a point of pride.

It makes me very sad that these sites that are nothing more than a hustle, and that sell fake bud, saliva divinorum, and everything else they can get by with – it makes me very sad that these are going to be used to represent the movement because of the volume of their traffic.

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