Apr 06 2009

The Best Government Money Can Buy or We’re Not Laughing Mr. President

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I just finished Googling “medical marijuana” for the past couple of weeks. It took me several days to go through the news articles. When I first started doing this, years ago, I was lucky to find one article a week. Now there are sometimes hundreds a day.

I really believe that as soon as we legalize and decriminalize marijuana we can actually afford a really good governor who won’t keep taking money away from education and from teachers and send him back to Hollywood where he can do ‘D’ movies and we can get an ‘A’ governor.”

At the very top of the list is the statement released 2 Apr 2009 by Carlos Santana. Now, what exactly did he mean when he said “…we can actually afford a really good governor…”?

Glad you asked.

It seems pretty clear to me he meant that if the government stopped stealing everything from the marijuana growers and distributers and users we could afford to outbid the corporations and take our country back, and get the best government money can buy.

The media, and particularly the internet, have managed to not only hold the new president’s feet to the fire regarding medical marijuana, but forced him to address an end to all marijuana prohibition.

The president’s busy. He’s got important things to do, like rescuing the economy, saving jobs and mortgages and industries. But we ought not to let him off the hook for his frivolous dismissal of a widely popular question he faced in Thursday’s Online Town Hall.

At the top of the televised event, the president announced that of the 3.5 million votes on the thousands of questions received in advance, one topic “ranked fairly high.” It was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and encourage job creation. He responded: “The answer is no, I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy.” He then asked rhetorically what the question says about “the online audience.”

Get it? His in-the-flesh audience got it, chuckling politely at the allusion to a Stoner Nation plugged in to the “internets.”

The problem for Mr. Obama is that marijuana reform was at or near the top of the list of all questions in three major categories: budget, health care reform, green jobs and energy. Our leader doesn’t seem to understand that millions of his interlocutor-constituents are actually quite serious about the issue.

Marijuana No Laughing Matter, Mr. President The Huffington Post – 29 Mar 2009

One of the best responses to this Town Hall dog-and-pony-show was by Jane Roh in Pennsylvania: Hey Obama, those potheads have a point, The Philadelphia News Examiner – 27 Mar 2009.

I saw some familiar names in the news as well. I was very sad to see that Grant Krieger is giving up:

Grant Krieger, 54, who has for years vocally defended his right to provide marijuana to the sick, signed a legal document Tuesday pledging to stop growing or distributing it.

“I’ve hit the end of all my ropes, and I’m just tired of it now,” he said in Calgary.

Krieger uses marijuana himself to treat symptoms of progressive multiple sclerosis. At one time, he also supplied more than 400 sick people with the drug through a compassion club.

As a result of Krieger’s promise, Alberta’s Court of Appeal has swapped a four-month jail sentence for 18 months of probation in a 2007 trafficking conviction.

Krieger was at first given jail time because he “stated he did not think he had done anything wrong and had no intention of closing his club (and) and confirmed that he would not desist from his campaign to distribute marijuana,” the appeal decision reads.

That stand was the continuation of a campaign that saw him defiant in court case after court case from his first trafficking conviction more than a decade ago.

He took one case all the way to the Supreme Court, where he was granted a new trial after the court ruled the trial judge had erred by directing the jury to find him guilty.

Krieger admitted Tuesday that he could no longer keep up the fight.

“It’s taken 13 years out of my life, destroyed my family, removed my driver’s licence,” he said. “It’s cost me a phenomenal amount of money. I’m in hock up to my eyeballs.”

Activist for medical marijuana gives up crusade The Canadian Press – 31 Mar 2009.

Grant has stated he will buy his medicine from the black market now, just like everyone else.

Another familiar name and a particular favorite of mine, Pierre Werner, seems to be doing a bit better in Las Vegas:

A couple of years back, a guy named Pierre Werner went to prison. It made the papers. It was his own fault.

The prison sentence followed Werner getting caught growing many dozens of marijuana plants in his house, which he swears he was doing for medical purposes.

The growing of the pot plants came after much pot smoking — a lot of it, he admitted, had nothing to do with the drug’s medicinal qualities.

All that pot smoking came after a prison stint in New Jersey for, well, for selling lots and lots of pot.

The Jersey time came after an episode involving nudity and an ill-fated attempt at walking from Southern California to Las Vegas.

The naked episode came after many other strange things in the life of Pierre Werner.

The latest bit of strange?

The Dr. Reefer billboard out on Decatur Boulevard near the Las Vegas Beltway in the southern end of town. It’s an ad for a business that hooks up potential marijuana smokers with a doctor who will help them do it legally.

“I’ve always considered marijuana a medicine,” said Werner, now 37 and out of prison. “Just the way it makes me feel.”

Werner got out of prison back in November. He is unemployed and lives with his mother. He’s on parole until next month, which means he’s drug tested all the time.

Dr. Reefer’s Business Goes to Pot The Las Vegas Review Journal – 30 Mar 2009

Among the ten or so states that currently have some kind of legislation pending is my home state of Alabama and after scanning HB 434 I did begin to think that maybe I could go home and take care of my mother in her final days. And that I might be able myself to die in Dixie. The Alabama bill appears better than a lot of those that have a better chance of passing but it still doesn’t have enough protection that I could actually live in Alabama as a medical marijuana patient.

I mean, how am I supposed to get groceries? I figure the minute I pull onto a public road some LEO would be there to toss me in jail for having THC in my blood.

I think this letter concerning New Hampshire’s bill is probably the best Letter To The Editor I’ve ever read:

Just Say No (to medical marijuana in NH) an open letter to Governor Lynch

by Carmen Yarrusso
OpEdNews | 31 Mar 2009

Dear Governor Lynch,

Once again left wing extremists are trying to get New Hampshire to join liberal druggie states like California, Maine and Vermont to allow so-called “sick” people to grow and possess marijuana for medical purposes. Should the NH Senate pass HB 648 (already passed the NH House), I urge you to veto this outrageous bill ASAP.

This bill is a poorly disguised attempt to lessen our government’s control over our personal decisions. After all, who should have ultimate control over what goes into your body, you or the government? Passing HB 648 would allow certain “sick” individuals to actually decide for themselves what goes into their own bodies. This is left-wing lunacy.

Our government may not be very competent at regulating banking, or at managing disasters, or at spending our tax dollars wisely, or at much of anything else it does. Time and time again our government has put special interests above the welfare of the American people. But when it comes to protecting us from ourselves, we should trust our government to do what’s in our best interests.

If HB 648 passes, our children might grow up thinking they’re more competent than our government to make personal decisions about drugs. Do we really want to raise kids who can think for themselves when it comes to drugs? We need to set a good example so our kids will know to trust our government, not their own minds, when deciding if a drug is good for them or not.

By keeping marijuana illegal, our government sends us a very clear message, “not only are you too stupid to decide what goes into your own body, but if you dare disobey Big Brother and actually decide for yourself, you are a criminal and will be punished”. Our government allows us to ingest tobacco and alcohol, which are clearly more dangerous than marijuana. But safety is not the issue. The issue is control over personal decisions.

If we allow a few “sick” people to control what goes into their own bodies, we will open up a Pandora’s Box of abuse. Soon NH residents who aren’t even sick will want to have control over what goes into their own bodies. Passing HB 648 could eventually lead to keeping government out of all our personal decisions, not just out of our medical decisions. Governor, this is left-wing lunacy.

We in the “live free or die” state can’t allow a few “sick” people to decide what goes into their own bodies. Healthy New Hampshire residents might wake up from their comas and realize that marijuana prohibition for any adult is a blatant violation of the very essence of our state motto. Making criminals out of NH residents who simply put something into their own bodies (sick or not) mocks the very concept of “living free”. If you don’t have sovereignty over your own body, you most certainly are not living free.

Governor, I urge you to ignore a poll showing 71% of NH residents favor medical marijuana. If our federal government says NH adults are too stupid to decide what goes into their own bodies, who are we to object? Just because the federal government would lose billions of our tax dollars if marijuana were legal, doesn’t mean they aren’t looking out for our best interests.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated he wouldn’t harass states passing medical marijuana laws. But as leader of the “live free or die” state, you must send a clear message to all NH residents who think they should be able to control what goes into their own bodies.

Governor, please veto this bill (if the NH Senate is dumb enough to pass it). We certainly don’t want the rest of the nation to think we New Hampshire folks take our state motto seriously.

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