Mar 27 2009

The Right to Be Left Alone or Take Another Pizza My Heart

I spend time chatting in the local forums, and have been stalked for three years there by Winston, currently appearing as Futureshock. Two local attorneys have taken on, pro bono, the case of a couple who have accumulated over 60 citations, almost exclusively for sleeping. The attorneys are Jonathan Gettleman and Mark Briscoe. One of Continue reading →

Mar 24 2009

To Blogspot or Not To BlogSpot?

Posted by J. Craig Canada in web publishing

I’ve had a Blogger Blog for almost 5 years now and I guess the past week or so was the first time I ever took a good look at the difference between hosting my own and letting them host it. They make it pretty hard to resist – the heirarchal display of the archive and Continue reading →

Mar 07 2009

A Rumble of Thunder or Imler Scolds The Sinners

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Medical Marijuana, scott imler

Googling “medical marijuana” yesterday I see the Los Angeles Times has been honing in on medical marijuana. Besides staying on the tail of Obama’s Attorney General to end the federal raids, they had a two part discussion with Scott Imler and I had to stop, after reading Imler’s first two paragraphs, and exclaim out loud Continue reading →