Feb 06 2009

Santa Cruz Tightens the Screws or Sentience Challenged at The Sentinel


Well, since the last post the City Council has gone forward with more ordinances, such as making it illegal to sit on a bench for more than an hour.

At issue are seven proposed measures that would restrict panhandling around public art and directories; limit time on public benches to one hour; stop the sale of booze to those arrested more than five times in six months for alcohol-related crimes; and issue criminal warrants for anyone who does not address three or more civil citations, among other things.

New downtown rules draw praise, ire
More than 200 flood S.C. council chamber to voice opinion
Posted: 01/27/2009 09:43:05 PM PST

Also, the management of an old folks trailor court ripped up the old folks plants and lawn furniture and tossed them in the garbage. Three dumpsters full.

“The new administrator is enforcing the rules and policies, and there’s been some reluctance from the tenants,” Gracida-Ankele said. “So far we’ve been able to clear out three Dumpsters full of stuff — chairs, shelving units, furniture, plants and pots.”

How does your garden grow? Apparently too well at Aptos senior complex
Posted: 01/26/2009 01:30:08 AM PST

Myself, I somehow became a moderator on the local newspaper’s forum. There was a spam attack some time ago and I volunteered to remove it. There were 5 moderators initially, one of them my arch-enemy Winston, who’s name (I believe) is Dan Waldrop. I wasn’t able to log in for some time and had pretty much abandoned the forum but my mother kept harassing me to return and so, after attempting to get a new password the umpteenth time, one finally hit my mailbox and I was able to log in. By this time two of the original moderators had resigned and were calling for my resignation, and some of them for Winston’s as well. When I discovered that five of the users were posting from the same IP and revealed this the shit truly hit the fan, though it had become evident long before that a faction would not rest until I had been deposed. What I find truly amazing is how much time these people have to sit at a computer. Neither I nor my mother work and we couldn’t begin to keep up with half of the mud they managed to sling.

In the course of things several launched really heinous personal attacks against me, and then upon being exposed as malicious liars, replaced their accusations with images of sea lions.

As they have done for a year, the Pizza My Heart incident was brought up and the other moderator began posting the most heinous and outrageous lies, accompanied by a gang of others. I can’t recall whether I’ve mentioned it here or not (seems to me I did) but the charges were dismissed after Thanksgiving.

I left a message asking the editor to call me Monday or Tuesday regarding what I considered a tempest in a teapot, and had sent emails about the situation before that. Yesterday I saw “admin” was online and had read the private messages, one of which had been sent over a year ago. That one was the one asking for a copy of the thread containing the post I made just before I was assaulted at Pizza My Heart. I wanted the time stamp, primarily.

Anyway, when I saw “admin” was online in the forum I sent them another PM and this time they responded with a phone number, so I called. This was yesterday and after speaking with the editor I have no confidence in the ethics or journalistic integrity of the publication and have asked my account be deleted along with all my posts. I have no confidence that they have not been tampered with, or will not be edited in the future by persons other than myself and without my knowledge or consent.

All in all, it’s a great relief to be done with that snakepit. I have a feeling the world is going to be a much more pleasant place without the unrelenting anonymous mud-slinging and malicious defamation I have endured, evidently with the assistance and approval of the Sentinel management. And I am more convinced than ever that members of that forum had something to do with the Pizza My Heart incident. A couple of them are behaving like Boris & Natasha when one of their nefarious schemes backfires on them.

With that in mind I went searching for the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons and found the entire series at www.hulu.com. You know, I remember watching those as a child on Saturday mornings when they came out in 1960, and loved them, but I see now I never had a clue what they were really about. You see, Bullwinkle bakes a fudgecake from his grandmother’s recipe which calls for Mooseberries which only grow in Potsylvania. A 3-layer fudge-cake, evidently because one layer blows the stove to the moon, and they use another layer to send themselves to the moon and back. Upon returning to earth they go on a quest for Mooseberries (which only grow in Potsylvania) to bake fudgecake to use as rocket fuel, pursued by a couple of moonmen and Boris & Natasha:

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