Feb 28 2009

A Parting of The Clouds

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Medical Marijuana

I learned of it from the headline of a newspaper, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced the DEA will not be raiding medical marijuana in states where it is legal.

I’m still trying to digest what that means. The first thing I think will happen is that over the next couple of elections most states will pass medical marijuana exemptions of some sort. A week before this announcement Tom Ammiano proposed a bill that would legalize marijuana in California.

Betty Yee, the chairwoman of the Board of Equalization, called Ammiano’s proposal “a responsible measure on how to work out the regulatory framework of the legalization of marijuana.” Her board’s research indicated $1.3 billion in tax dollars could immediately head into the state’s coffers from the fee on marijuana and the sales tax on medical pot. She figured the halving of marijuana’s street price would cause a consumption increase of 40 percent, but the $50 per ounce levy would cut use by 11 percent.

Get Up, Stand Up: Ammiano Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill to the Press – 23 Feb 09, San Franisco Weekly.

Meanwhile, in Tom’s home town there is a push to prohibit the sale of edibles in San Francisco dispensaries and collectives.

Here in Compassion Central they’re threatening to throw Alice Welsh, an 85-year-old WWII vet, out in the street for smoking (cigarettes) inside her apartment.

Also here at ground zero for medical marijuana Robert Mentch was raided for the 3rd time, and on Indy Bay there are reports of a sweep of raids by the State, not the Feds, in Medocino.

Keeping in mind the California Attorney General’s guidelines and the recent Supreme Court rulings regarding caregivers, it could be that the state intends to pick up where the Feds left off.

Myself, I’ve been out for several days now, except for the shake I got from trimming bud just before I moved to Brookdale, and then became homeless. So it must be at least 4 years old now. I have to smoke at least twice as much and it doesn’t last half as long, but it is better than doing without. Among other things, I get clumsy when I don’t have it. I forget things, like my keys.

I’ve been looking for the community service paperwork the last couple of days for the peeing charge. It appears I’m going to have to go through every piece of paper in my room to find it. I’ve got about a dozen storage boxes of files and mail. About half of them are sitting on my floor, everything in disorder, pretty much untouched since I became housed a year ago.

Seems to me I had a year to complete that community service but it could have been only six months.

As for medical marijuana, the war is long from being over, but victory is in sight. And if my guess is right, the work for activists is only just beginning.

In going over the documents of my raid in Morongo Valley I discovered I have about half a dozen images from the club. I wish I’d gotten more when Dennis had his site up. They must have taken hundreds of photos in and of the club. I’ve just about finished cleaning up those Morongo Valley pages. It hasn’t been easy reliving all of that, but it was good for me to review it now that some time has passed.

I’ve been thinking about my life a lot lately, and about all I’ve been through the past twelve years, not to mention all my life. First it was because I was gay, then it was because I was a medical marijuana patient. While on the one hand I don’t have a whole lot to show for my life, on the other I do think the world is a better place and I had something to do with it.

One thing I don’t like about Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement is he specifies pain and equates cannabis to morpheme. Does that mean he doesn’t consider it legitimate for other uses?

Myself, I try not to think about what it would be like to still have those twenty acres in the mountains of Alabama, and be growing medicine on it, and sitting by the fire in my own house on my own land in the forest.

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