Feb 28 2009

A Parting of The Clouds

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Medical Marijuana

I learned of it from the headline of a newspaper, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced the DEA will not be raiding medical marijuana in states where it is legal. I’m still trying to digest what that means. The first thing I think will happen is that over the next couple of elections most states Continue reading →

Feb 18 2009

Serendipity or If you aren’t willing to own your words you ain’t got no business saying them.

I don’t feel like reading my last entry right now but, best I can recall, I mentioned I was being ambushed as moderator on the local newspaper’s forum. Well, the admin decided to abolish the two remaining moderators, and after that had been done I discovered at least one of my posts had been edited, Continue reading →

Feb 06 2009

Santa Cruz Tightens the Screws or Sentience Challenged at The Sentinel

Well, since the last post the City Council has gone forward with more ordinances, such as making it illegal to sit on a bench for more than an hour. At issue are seven proposed measures that would restrict panhandling around public art and directories; limit time on public benches to one hour; stop the sale Continue reading →