Jan 14 2009

Santa Cruz, It Only Looks Cheap

Yesterday was the first meeting of the new city council and while I had a mild interest in some of the items on the agenda I only went over there, and an hour after it began, because I was really really bored. I noticed two people sitting on the bench outside the meeting room when Continue reading →

Jan 12 2009

The State of The Movement

The Movement is in pretty sorry shape if you ask me. The death-blow came from right here in Santa Cruz, California with the Mentch case. What is important about this case is that it essentially will make it impossible for patients to get cannabis as only patients will be able to grow and distribute it, Continue reading →

Jan 06 2009

Buried in dead relatives

Posted by J. Craig Canada in canada

I’m only writing this because I vowed to make at least one entry per month, preferably one per week, and I made only one entry in December. This is partly because I was very depressed pretty much throughout the holidays. Heather, who knows of me from my rantings on the local newspaper’s forum, stopped by Continue reading →