Dec 18 2008

1.5 Million Maniacs Waiting To Explode

Posted by J. Craig Canada in addiction, side effects

Well, the election’s been over for a while now. I came in last with about 2,000 votes out of ten candidates, about 200 votes behind next-to-last. I had about 1,600 votes from the mail-in ballots, and was next to last, but lost ground when the precincts were counted.

All the charges against me have now been dismissed, so I accomplished my primary goal. I still have not got my property back. I’ve asked the public defender about it dozens of times. I have come to believe they have no intention of doing anything to help me get it back.

My name came up on a list for low-income housing. I don’t believe they will accept me because of the marijuana, but I went through the motions and submitted the application Monday. It was due Tuesday.

Mother says she isn’t doing well and it sounds like her husband is dying.

As for me, the past few weeks have been the first time in years – I can’t remember how many years – that I haven’t had something hanging over my head and worrying me to distraction.

I still can’t believe I endured 3 years sleeping on the streets; three winters in this miserable mean place. Someone quipped in one of the forums, “Santa Cruz, it only looks cheap” and that is so true. It’s been freezing cold the past couple of days, with the nearby mountains dusted with snow. I can see it from my window but I keep the curtains pulled and the blinds closed to keep the heat in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a corner room with two outside walls or what but my room has been COLD the past couple of days. So cold I’ve spent most of the time in bed because it’s the only place I could stay warm.

While researching Prozac withdrawal and ‘symptoms’ I ran across a number of excellent videos on YouTube:

1.5 Million Maniacs Waiting to Explode

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