Nov 19 2008

Catching Up


One of the reasons I haven’t posted for over a month is that shortly after the article about WAMMFest appeared in the local paper it was announced in the comments to the story that one of the people focused upon was a convicted child-molester, and she was in charge of childcare: Police: Sex offender at WAMMFest didn’t commit a crime

I, of course, was devastated.

The fairly good article the Sentinel printed about WAMM appeared in 2 papers. The one above in 37.

Prior to this there was a bruhaha over lifting the smoking ban in the park. It didn’t pass initially, as everyone expected. An objection was raised by the owner of the wine shop behind the museum, the same people that called the police on me with the result that I was arrested and had to get a friend to co-sign a bond and it costs me $110 which I can’t afford to get out of jail.

It was a busy couple of months, what with running for city council and all.

I came in last. The good news is I got 1,992 votes. The next to lowest candidate got 2,077 votes. The next lowest was Lisa Molyneaux with 4,091. Since I doubt 1,895 people actually know who I am, I think I did pretty good. The lowest vote count to win a seat was 11,147. The highest number of votes for a candidate was 16,661. There were 10 candidates vying for 4 seats on the council; 37,905 registered voters and 33,018 ballots cast of which 12,922 were mail in ballots. My vote was 986 mail-in and 1006 at the polls.

I accomplished my major goal. Or thought I had. The marijuana charges were dismissed. But the battery charge was not dismissed today as I had expected. The prosecutor said it would be dismissed if the paperwork I presented was confirmed by the ‘health department’. I believe the next court date is December 2. I expect they’ll try me for murder. That’s the kind of town Santa Cruz is.

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