Sep 07 2008

On the Run

Posted by J. Craig Canada in city council, Santa Cruz, wamm

I’m actually writing this post on the 11th. I started it on the 6th, and wrote one sentence, and put it aside to finish later. I intended to finish it the next day, or the next, and here we are.

I’ve been very busy. I’ve spoken at two candidate forums so far, and I’ve been buried in 100s of pages of reports, such as the Master Transportation Study, hoping to speak intelligently on the issues of interest to these different groups.

And filling out questionnaires. I spent a lot of time on the questionnaire for the Police and Fire, and spent about $20 because they required it to be sent on a CD and my CD drive doesn’t work, and also a hard copy, and my printer doesn’t work, and it has to be returned Certified Mail. So that all cost about $20. But I mailed it on the afternoon they required it to be delivered, on Friday, and they didn’t get it till the following Monday. So they sent me a letter informing me I did not follow their instructions and will not therefore be allowed to participate in their candidate’s forum.

I was rather disappointed by that, but not surprised. I had really wanted to address that particular group.

But I haven’t gotten any help at all. The only person that’s offered to help in any way, is willing to speak for me at these forums in exchange for the title of “campaign manager”. That burns me up.

I’m supposed to bust my butt filling out these questionnaires, not to mention all the forms, so that someone else can speak for me at the forums?

I think I did OK at the last forum in-so-far as I don’t think I embarrassed myself and did get off at least one or two good responses. I realized I failed to mention that I was facing two trials for possession of marijuana, though I did mention that there is no emergency or transitional housing for medical marijuana patients.

I feel like I held my own.

Before that forum, earlier in the day, there was a hearing regarding lifting the smoking ban at the park for WAMM’s fundraiser. I wore my marijuana t-shirt and went down there. I signed up to speak, and then changed my mind and scratched my name off. And then someone requested the item be pulled from the agenda because they objected. So then I got up to speak.

As I saw it they were denying sick and disabled the use and the enjoyment of the park for one day a year, and I found that reprehensible to the point of obscenity. I think I projected that pretty well with my attitude, but I can see now I failed to vocalize one important point. It just seemed to me that stating the obvious, that these people were sick, and weak, and most likely in pain and mobility challenged, and some of them shut-in – that stating that would be a waste of the two minutes or so I had to speak. I felt they were all very aware of that. And I wanted to use the silence between my words to emphasize how reprehensible I thought it was.

I did say something like, “What this is about is denying sick and dying people the use of the park for one day a year, for five hours.” I said that I think it’s very sad that it’s only one day, and that they have to go in to a tent to do it. And that’s when I should have said something about the pain, and how hard it is to get around. But time was short and I felt I needed to make the point that medical marijuana patients need to get on with their lives, and I, for one, do not intend to sit in my room all day “watching Jerry Springer”.

And best I can recall that pretty much covers what I said.

Well, one member was absent and the vote was split 3/3 so it was put over till the next meeting on the 23rd, 4 days before the event is scheduled to occur on the 27th. The absent member is certain to vote for lifting the smoking bann so the event won’t be crippled. However, I think one of the “for” votes could turn against, though I don’t think it’s likely.

I got a notice from MediCal that since they are paying for my MediCare part B I no longer have a $0 monthly “share-of-cost” (premium) but that I can now afford to pay the first $537/month of my medical bills. The best I can figure, my only recourse is to get $40+ worth of insurance I don’t need to reduce my ‘income’ to the point that my $537/month share of cost becomes $0. And the reason I have to get insurance I don’t need is because if I get insurance for something I’m likely to need that insurance will exclude anything I’m likely to need it for, and so I will have to pay for it myself, and so I need to get insurance for something I don’t need in order to get my share of cost to $0 so that MediCal will pay for it.

Is that clear?

There are two very important questionnaires I should submit by Friday, but instead I spent the day trying to straighten out my MediCal, with no luck so far. I have a doctor’s appointed scheduled for the 3rd or 4th which I am going to have to cancel, it appears, as now I am going to have to pay for it myself, and I can’t possibly afford it.

I called my public defender yesterday and left a message about our need to talk before we go to trail for my possession of concetrated cannabis on the 29th. I have received no response. I have some ideas about how I think the case should go, in fact I think there already should have been a trial for dismissal, but apparently the Santa Cruz district attorney thinks it’s important to put a medical marijauna patient on trial for possession of marijuana.

I’m wondering if they are going to get by with it, and every media in town is going to ignore it.

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