Sep 30 2008

Down to the seeds and stems


I must say the pace of my life has picked up dramatically over the past couple of weeks. I didn’t get around to finishing this entry until well into October, even though it’s dated September.

My care-giver, Pacific Coast Cooperative was raided. This was on the 18th, on Thursday. I had been there the previous Tuesday.

And I never got around to finishing that post either and now it’s November 19. It appears I managed to get through the entire month of October without making an entry. I made the news a number of times, and actually appear a few seconds in the video from WAMMFest that the Sentinel displayed on their front page for nearly a week.

I attended at least a half-a-dozen ‘candidates forums’, which were all pretty much panel discussions. There were 9 other candidates.

I saw Michael of Pacific Coast Cooperative at WAMMFest. He was out of jail, along with everyone else, he said. He was charged with sales I believe, but not conspiracy to distribute. I haven’t heard anything more about that. I went by Greenway once and left nearly in tears when I saw their prices; $50 for an eigth of stuff that smelled like clover hay, i.e. it had been pollinated and was all but useless as medicine.

So I got on the internet and found I could save $200 by going to San Francisco, and so I have been spending the day on the train to San Francisco and back about once a month. In a way it is a blessing in disguise as it is good for me to get away and I don’t mind the trainride.

The day after a candidate’s forum which I can’t remember right now, and the day of the County Democrats forum, it seems I was to be in court and didn’t know it. Possibly the 24th of September. What I remember is that the day of the County Democrats forum I got a message from my lawyer saying I was supposed to be in court on marijuana charges but it was OK that I didn’t show up as she was there and the charges were dropped.

I guess I should miss court dates more often?

I still haven’t gotten my stuff back.

Well, I’ve accomplished my major goal, which was to post the WAMM video with me in the middle of it to my blog. I’ll recap how things turned out in my next entry, which should be in November.

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