Aug 06 2008

Trial by Dunking


“Family lore has it that Katharn was “tried by ordeal” with the dunking stool, and that she was acquited because she obligingly died in witness to her innocence. Some kind of heresy was supposedly the charge. The following year, Richard Garner brought their four-year-old son to Farrar’s Island in Virginia.”

She was my 10th ggrandmother and the year was 1636.

I think I know how she must have felt.

Either after or during my last entry it occurred to me that I could present my disability decision from 1998 and medical marijuana recommendations since 2002 to support at least some of what I said.

And so when the commissioner asked what I was doing in the courtroom … I responded that I had documents I would like to present as evidence. We discussed it a minute, and I was informed the trial was when I should have done that. I forgot to remind her I wasn’t a lawyer, but I did state I had asked for an opportunity to present evidence and I had my Social Security disability decision from 1998 and medical marijuana recommendations going back to 2002 from 4 different doctors. And one of my contentions was that I was homeless because I was a medical marijuana patient.

The upshot is that she accepted the documents as evidence and that she has scheduled August 12, 2008 to announce a verdict.

After I had accomplished that it occured to me that on one of the recommendations was an evidence tag, and that this was from the trial, about a year ago, when commissioner Denine Guy found me not guilty of 4 sleeping tickets via the necessity defense. And that I had argued I was homeless becuase I was a medical marijauna patient. Linda LeMasters, who was on the HUD homeless board here (Continuum of Care) showed up to testify as an expert witness. Also observing were Robert Norse, Kate Wells, and Bernard Klitzner. And I think Becky was there as well.

And after that it occured to me that the cashier’s checks from Manthri would serve to demonstrate I had not “burned all my bridges”, as commissioner Baskett put it. And my lease would serve to show I was housed, and became housed exactly one week after I was cited for this incident.

But I’m not a lawyer. And if I could afford one I wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place.

Having to document my entire life every few months, and come up with witnesses to testify on my behalf; having to prove myself innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt every few months is Trial by Dunking.

And that is exactly what is happening here in beautiful downtown Compassion Central, U.S.A.

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