Aug 09 2008

Position Papers


I qualified to run for city council member for the City of Santa Cruz, California yesterday. Here is a link to the announcement in the local newspaper: Three more running for Santa Cruz council.

Below is a list of my issues and positions. As I add items I will edit this page and add them here. Clicking on the title of each item below will take you to my forum, where you will find my position described in detail, along with any comments or discussion it should generate.

  • My Qualifications

    While I have worked as a bookkeeper, have accounting education and background, and have been paid to keep books up to and including producing financials, I was paid mostly as a trouble shooter and for cost accounting and performance reports. My career as a Systems Analyst/MIS Professional was cut short by a disabling mood disorder. In desperation I discovered that cannabis made my condition manageable, to the point that I could return to the work force except for my need to medicate every 2-3 hours and the criminalization and social stigma against the use of cannabis.

  • Endorsement Questionnaires

    So far I have received and and returned completed endorsement questionnaires from: The Santa Cruz GLBT Alliance, The Sierra Club, The Santa Cruz Police Officers Association, and The Santa Cruz Firefighters.

  • Medical Marijuana

    Santa Cruz has 1,000 ‘units’ of emergency and transitional housing and NOT ONE for medical marijuana patients. It’s time the city worked to change this rather than working to run them out of town. Additionally, projects such as The Tannery Arts Center, prohibit smoking in the units and on the grounds, discriminating against medical marijuana patients as well as smokers.

    Your average medical marijuana patient is sick, in pain and/or weak, and probably has trouble getting around. But they have to go to the doctor, buy groceries, and go out to dinner or a movie now and then. And they have to medicate every 2-3 hours. They also generally have to take public transportation. It is time to stop arresting medical marijuana patients for medicating in public. I, for one, do not intend to spend my life hiding in my room watching Jerry Springer.

  • Proposition K, Lowest Priority

    City Money was spent to use the City Attorney to have a court decide that the police department does not have to Provide the Proposition K Committee with records of marijuana arrests. This is malfeasance. It is the use of taxpayer money to subvert and thwart the overwhelming consensus of the community as expressed at the ballot box.

    It is time to implement Proposition K and time for the city council to stop stone-walling this voter mandate.

  • Gay Marriage, Proposition 8

    I’m against Proposition 8. I don’t know what it says and I don’t care.
    I’m again’ it.

    In 1879 the California Constitution was drafted containing the phrase, “No person shall, on account of sex, be disqualified to enter upon and pursue any lawful business, avocation, or profession.” Well, marriage is most certainly an ‘avocation’, and I oppose any and all efforts to write discrimination based on gender in to the California Constitution.

  • Rent Control, Eviction without Cause

    Lack of rent control is a major contributing factor to homelessness. This is exacerbated when a landlord can evict a tenant without cause in as little as 30 days. And this primarily impacts the poor, who are forced by necessity to accept month-to-month or 6-month converting to month-to-month agreements.

  • Public Toilets

    If you have a business selling food or drink it is your duty to provide a working, available, clean public toilet. Failure to do so is not being a good civic neighbor and it is foisting part of your cost of doing business onto the city.

  • Pharmaceutical Pollution

    According to the Journal of the Stanford School of Medicine in 2005 nearly half of all Americans routinely take some sort of pharmaceutical, and 17% take 3 or more. 90% of your dose is excreted into the environment. Do the math. And this does not include agricultural pollutants such as growth hormone and antibiotics. Santa Cruz should begin testing for pharmaceutical pollution now.

  • Term Limits and NotA1

    I am opposed to term limits. I do not see why an able and experienced politician should be arbitrarily timed out of office.

    I have always felt the best way to mitigate corruption in public office is to have NOTA1 as a viable ‘candidate’ for every elective office. Candidates must beat NOTA1 to gain office. If no candidate beats NOTA1 either the office goes vacant until the next election, or another election is held with none of the candidates defeated by NOTA1 allowed on the ballot.

Three more running for Santa Cruz council

Sentinel staff report
Article Launched: 08/09/2008 09:31:31 AM PDT

Three more candidates are in the running for Santa Cruz City Council, bringing the total number of contestants to 10 in this November’s race.

Councilman Tony Madrigal filed for reelection on Friday, the last day to do so. Medical marijuana activist J. Craig Canada also was certified as a candidate on Friday. Peace activist Simba Kenyatta turned in his papers but his signatures had not been verified by the end of the day.

Madrigal is running for his second term on the city council, as he wraps up his first, four-year term. Canada is running for council for the first time.

Kenyatta is running for council again after losing in the 2006 race.

Four seats are up for election on the seven-member council. Mayor Ryan Coonerty and Madrigal are up or reelection, while Council members Ed Porter and Emily Reilly are termed out.

The three final candidates join Coonerty, former Mayors Katherine Beiers, Tim Fitzmaurice and Don Lane, medical marijuana activist Lisa Molyneux, health and wellness coach Blas Jacob Cabrera and Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority Manager David Terrazas in the race.

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