Jul 13 2008

The Truth, Half The Truth, and Everything But The Truth

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Gang Stalking, sentinel

This post is a collection of the various lies that have been published about me (libel) over the past couple of days in Topix.com, The Santa Cruz Sentinel Online Forums, and forums.santacruzsentinel.com. The last two are different forums, not the same.

According to this blood-thirsty mob lead by Winston I should be tried for murder and forced to register as a sex-offender. Which wouldn’t worry me so much except the police department and city administration have demonstrated to me that they share that view.

Fearing the posts would be edited, or even that my posts would be edited, I made copies. I haven’t checked my posts in these copies yet to see if they were edited. There are four pages and to go from one page to another you should come back here and click the link. Clicking links in the copies will probably take you to the ‘current page’.

    Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s off To Court I go… (original)

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    From the Sentinel’s ‘hidden’ forum

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