Jul 25 2008

We Need More COPPS!

Posted by J. Craig Canada in city council, greenway, Santa Cruz

Wednesday (I think it was) I read in the Sentinel online that Lisa Molyneaux is running for city council. Lisa is the proprietor of one of the dispensaries in town. One which I’ve had some problems with and who’s door I haven’t darkened in over a year now because of them. My view is they Continue reading →

Jul 22 2008

Justice Delayed

Posted by J. Craig Canada in marijuana tickets, marijuana trial

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. I got to court for my arraignment for possession of less than a gram of hash yesterday. What I’m really going to court over is smoking a bowl in a secluded courtyard in Santa Cruz. But anyway, I got there and was told the D.A. is still reviewing the case Continue reading →

Jul 13 2008

The Truth, Half The Truth, and Everything But The Truth

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Gang Stalking, sentinel

This post is a collection of the various lies that have been published about me (libel) over the past couple of days in Topix.com, The Santa Cruz Sentinel Online Forums, and forums.santacruzsentinel.com. The last two are different forums, not the same. According to this blood-thirsty mob lead by Winston I should be tried for murder Continue reading →

Jul 13 2008

Bridge To NoWhere

I HEAR it was charged against me that I sought to destroy institutions;But really I am neither for nor against institutions;(What indeed have I in common with them?—Or what with the destruction of them?)Only I will establish in the Mannahatta, and in every city of These States, inland and seaboard,And in the fields and woods, Continue reading →