Jun 20 2008

Un Momento!

Posted by J. Craig Canada in marijuana tickets, single room occupancy, trial

I made it to court Wednesday and it was routine. I sat there for an hour or so as almost every other case was dealt with. It seems for some reason the marijuana charge (misdemeanor possession) was called in the beginning, during the arraignments. He called it again at the end, just before he went on to the next thing, whatever that was. I muttered out loud, “What now?” when he called my name. My lawyer had already started talking and she later told me it was the marijuana charge.

The first trial will be for the misdemeanor assault charge, where I am accused of spitting on a man who repeatedly assulted me through the door of the restroom at Pizza Love, and then after I had tried to get past him and get out of there, knocked me down to the floor.

She said the prosecution had wanted a change of venue and that the trial might be held in Watsonville, and asked if that would be a hardship. Well, the fact is oh yes it would. Just for starters, it’s the end of the month. Evidently that was enough to prevent a change of venue as the trial is set to begin Monday at 9. It will probably last 3 days, and the next trial is supposed to follow immediately. The word they used was “tail”.

I also have the misdemeanor trial for pissing scheduled for 9 Jul, I think. I need to write that on my blackboard.

I blew up at the maid this morning.

What happened is:

– There was a knock on the door (LOUD) and a voice said “towels”.

– I said, “Just a minute, I forgot.” (I try to leave the towels outside the door in a grocery bag, and have been fairly successful at remembering recently.)

– I got up in the middle of what I was doing to grab the towels out of the bathroom as the maid continued to loudly, rudely, and impatiently knock on my door.

– While I was in the bathroom I said, “Just a minute!” again as she continued to beat on the door and I could hear the key in the lock.”

– When I got to the door and gave her the towels, not more than 10 seconds after she began beating on my door, and continued to beat on it the entire time knowing I was in the room and getting the towels to hand to her…

– I tried to say, “You should learn to give people a second to get to the door,” but was so angry when I couldn’t get it out and by the look on her face, I slammed the door. Not that it would have mattered evidently, as even though she damn well knew what the probelm was she was going to pretend she couldn’t understand English and use that as an excuse.

– The bitch couldn’t wait ten seconds for me to get to the door. It’s not the ten seconds of beating on the door that set me off so much as the absence of any common courtesy whatsoever; the constant reminders that I have no right to privacy, nor even common courtesy.

When I called the manager to discuss it he made it clear that the maid doesn’t have time to wait for me to get to the door when she knocks. He admitted that she doesn’t know English. Then he went on to point out that I don’t speak Spanish!!!

So evidently it’s my fault and if I don’t like it I should leave. Or else they’ll throw me out and probably call the police and have me arrested.

God I hate this town.

And, now that I think about it, “just a minute” doesn’t sound that much different from “un momento”. And if she can say “towels” she can damn well understand “just a minute” and give men at least ten seconds before she starts beating on the door and coming in on me.

Of course, we all know the fact that I’m white has nothing to do with her total lack of respect and failure to extend even the most basic common courtesy.

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