Jun 10 2008

The Misses Hoge

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J. P.’s two youngest daughters were Blanche & Octavia and they lived at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco from at least 1880 until their deaths about 1931. And they were 30 years old for 40 years.

In 1860 & 1870 Blanche was b. abt 1854.

The newly rebuilt Palace Hotel in 1909, distant leftIn 1880 she was born in 1862.

In 1900 she was born in 1867.

In 1910 she was born in 1880.

In 1920 she was born in 1888.

Octavia has a similar story.

They’re listed in the 1905 San Francisco Blue Book as permanent residents of The Palace Hotel. The original Palace Hotel opened October 7, 1875. “That Palace Hotel was designed by architect John P. Gaynor, and was purportedly the largest, costliest, and most luxurious hotel in the world.” It survived the quake in 1906 but caught fire that afternoon and was a burned-out shell by the next day. It reopened 1909, three years later.

Whether The Hoges were original guests of The Palace I can’t say, but Joseph P., Belle, Blanche, and Octavia are listed as living there on the 1880 census. Next door are William H. L. Barnes and his family. One of the sons, William S., will marry Colonel Hoge’s grand-daughter Delphine Delmas.

I suspect William H. L. is somehow related to the Barns of Burke’s Garden Virginia, who intermarried with the Hoges there. In 1902 James Meek Hoge and his daughter J. Nan took a trip to Utah, California, and Washington to visit relatives…

William Jefferson Hoge, the son of James Meek, married Margaret Moss, who’s mother was Mallie Barns daughter of Clinton Barns of Burke’s Garden Virginia.

James Meek was the nephew of James Hoge Tyler, Governor of Virginia from 1898-1902.

I also suspect Charles Marion Tyler, husband of Colonel Hoge’s daughter Frances Louise Hoge, is somehow related to James Hoge Tyler.

By 1890 Colonel Hoge has evidently moved out of the Palace as he is listed as living at 1323 Geary in the San Francisco City Directory of that year. His son Charles is listed as a lawyer living at the same address. The Colonel dies late in 1891, and Charles is listed in the 1892 San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite directory as residing at The Palace.

In 1900 Bessie and Octavia Hoge appear on the census living in the Palace Hotel. Bessie is 32 and Octavia is 30. The hotel was destroyed in April 1906 by the quake and didn’t re-open for 3 years, until 1909.

In 1910 Blanche and Octavia Hoge are listed living in The Palace Hotel. Blanche is “head” of household, 30 years old, and Octavia is “sister”, 28 years old.

In 1920 Blanche and Octavia Hoge are listed living in The Palace Hotel. It appears they have a suite of 9 rooms. Blanche is 32 and Octavia 30, both single.

Myself, I made it to my arraignment yesterday for peeing in public because I had no where else to pee. They say it isn’t serious enough for me to get a public defender, so I will have to defend myself. The trial for that is scheduled July 29th. My next court date will be June 18th. It will be the beginning of a jury trial.

I decided to splurge Friday and try making a stew in the microwave. It turned out pretty well. Trader Joe’s has 1 lb. roasts, cooked, for about $6. The first time I tried putting that and a packages of mixed vegetables and a package of potato wedges together in a pot and microwaving it for about 20 minutes. It turned out well, but it was too much. The meat was easily cut with a plastic knife; much more tender than I could ever have cooked it, and very tasty.

Though I paid ‘premium’ prices for the ingredients, I got several meals out of it so it was much cheaper than buying something prepared. The next time I just used a package of potato wedges and a roast. And I stirred a little oil over the potato wedges and heated them first, and then put the meat in. It turned out better than the first one.

I had previously bought some frozen meat balls and tried making spaghetti. That didn’t turn out too well. The marinara sauce stained the pot, and it tasted really flat.

The drug store had stroganoff hamburger helper on sale, and I had bought a bunch, and I can make a really tasty stroganoff in the microwave with the meat balls, and have been eating stroganoff the past couple of days.

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