Jun 15 2008


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Sunday is traditionally the day reserved for procrastination. At least in the world I grew up in.

Myself, I’ve been procrastinating for several days now. Never mind those who would say I’ve been doing it all my life.

I’ve almost finished moving my domain from on host to the other. All that’s left is to double check and make sure I got everything copied, and go through my email on the old domain. I had over 4,000 applications and bad email returns that accumulated from my forum while I was working with the genealogy software. And then I got side-tracked by J. P. Hoge and his family.

It seems while his daughter’s husband was defending a cold-blooded murderer in New York, J. P. was defending his son, for murder, in San Francisco. And while I hesitate to mention it, as I could be wrong, it appears from what I’ve found so far he got away with murder. Twice.

The second one he was convicted, by a jury, to 8 years in San Quentin, and was released on bail pending appeal a couple of days later. The next information I have is that he was arrested for “Infamous Crimes Against Nature”, whatever that is, about 3 years later. The notation is “no disposition”.

My thoughts on that are that it seems getting away with murder in California has been going on for a long time (if you have enough money), and the only thing remarkable about O.J. Simpson was he was the first black man to do it.

I have a court-date coming up Wednesday.

I called the public-defender Friday to see if there was anything we needed to discuss or that I needed to do in the meantime. At this point, I’m not even sure which charge I will be tried on. I have the paper-work, and all I need to do is look at it. And I should start thinking about it, and trying to sort out the important points, and remembering what happened. But I don’t want to think about it until I absolutely must.

And Sunday is the traditional day of procrastination.

At least in the world I grew up in.

I guess it’s been two days now I haven’t been able to force myself to deal with that email. And I want to have it done before I go to trial because it will be one trial after another for me for a month or longer beginning Wednesday.

I became ‘homed’ March 10, the first day of the 3rd year I was homeless. And it wasn’t until last Friday I wanted to go outside. Until then I have been sitting at my laptop, going outside only when I absolutely must for food, or medicine, or cigarettes. Partly because there is a lot I want to do on my genealogy, on my website, on the internet, and I fear I don’t have much time left to do it. I fear the time I have ‘indoors’ is limited, and could end soon. It appears the City of Santa Cruz isn’t done with me yet, throwing me out on the street and spitting on me for two solid years wasn’t enough. Forcing me out in the “Storm of The Decade” wasn’t enough. Waking me up and forcing me out in the pouring rain in the middle of the night wasn’t enough. Now, besides dragging me through the courts for daring to become a homeless medical marijuana patient, they intend to ruin me financially, and ruin my credit, and suspend my driver’s license. For starters.

So I also have a real aversion to going outside. There is no one there I want any thing to do with, and the fact is I have a powerful resentment against pretty much everyone and everything out there. I do truly hate this town.

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