May 16 2008


Posted by J. Craig Canada in Genealogy, web publishing

At the end of April I decided to get a piece of software I’ve been wanting for a long time, a genealogy application. And seeing it cost only $30 I decided to get it, rationalizing if I was going to buy it I should do it now, while I can still afford it.

It stores the data in a database, so the pages are created on the fly rather than having to spend several days uploading 50,000+ pages. And it has much more functionality.

But I wasn’t able to make it work on Yahoo. I called them up and they told me my problem was that I needed to upgrade. Well, I upgraded and I still couldn’t load the data. So after a week of pure Hell trying to make something work that Yahoo had made sure couldn’t work, I purchased hosting from another provider, and another domain name. I am now the owner of both and And in the not-to-distant future both of those will be pointing to the same place.

But that is several weeks in the future. Moving all these thousands of pages is a huge job, and I may have to individually edit every one of them.

For now, the genealogy has been moved to the new host and all the old pages at are gone. The genealogy can now be accessed at either or And that is how it should be from here on out.

When I get the forum moved I will announce it. I anticipate there will be a lot of broken links and would appreciate it you would drop me a note if you should stumble across one so I can fix it.

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