Apr 07 2008

Blessed Seclusion


I’ve been in seclusion since the last post, and before.

Generally, I stay in until my throat is parched because there is nothing to drink here but water from the bathroom sink. No ice.

And until my blood sugar is bouncing like a yo-yo because I haven’t eaten in 8-10 hours. I live at the little secretary desk by the window, on my laptop.

It is truly a relief to be able to be alone, and smoke a cigarette, and focus on something, and work on it until I’m finished.

Yesterday I noticed most of my webpages didn’t have menus. It seems I began revising the menu system, and something happened, and I never got back to it. I think that may have been back in January, during The Storm of The Decade: when I got ran out in rain by the police; when the power was out and there was nowhere to go in out of the rain.

Well, that’s fixed now. It didn’t take all that long but it was extremely disconcerting to know half my pages weren’t ‘visible’ for 4 months.

I’ve also been spending day after day, all day long, on my genealogy. I began a guest book with the last revision and one of the signers stated we must be cousins and I (probably in very bad form, considering it was a guest book) stated I showed no relation to them or their ancestor, so far. Well, the other night I became related to every single one of the Randolphs descended from William Randolph of Turkey Island and Mary Isham of Bermuda Hundred.

All 14-something thousand of them I entered in my database on the hypothesis that it would be the Randolphs that would tie all my ancestors together.

Seems I was right.

It turns out that even though The Other Bolyen Girl was largely fictional, viewing it did cause me to take a another look at my genealogy, and Royal Genealogy, and The Howards, and The Boleyns.

It helped that I had also input the last half of Ancestral Colonial Families by Luther Welsh. One ancestor is Matthew Howard, who claimed to be descended from The Howards.

I haven’t been able to find what I consider a reliable source for that line back to the Howards, just an Ancestral File on family search. But in researching the line I did run across an assertion by Fredric Saunders that the ‘Arundel’ theory might be plausible if there were any connection between Douglas and Howard. Well, I found one on Brian Tompset’s Royal Genealogy.

He shows Margaret Douglas married Thomas Howard, Lord Howard (b. 1512-31 Aug 1537), evidently according to Burke’s. And, evidently, beheaded at The Tower of London.

FamilySearch shows this couple having a son Robert, had a son John Howard of Brockdish Hall, had a son the Matthew Howard in question, b. 1609 England, d. 1659 Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

FamilySearch also shows two other pairs of parents for Matthew.

But the line that connects me to all the Randolphs has nothing to do with that.

And I consider it a lot more solid. What I did is trace William Randolph of Turkey Island back to Catherine Howard and Sir Edward Neville, 3rd Baron Abergraveny, d. 18 Oct 1476 using Leo’s Genealogics site. While Catherine is undoubtedly a laughably distant cousin of some sort (they all are when you get down to it), Ralph Neville and Jane Beaufort are among my 18th ggrandparents.

This connection is also dependent on Joseph Howe being the son of Sir Emauel Scrope Howe, 2nd Viscount Howe as claimed by James Fulton Hoge in The Family of Hoge.

I also spent a good day or two adding photos to the pages of my Allred grandparents.

I now show 9 relations to my father and 13 to his brother my uncle, and 9 relations to my mother and 21 relations to her sister my aunt.

Speaking of 9, Lucille Ball became my 9th cousin twice removed sometime last week, and George Washington became my 9th cousin 8 times removed. I show 13 relations to George (Washington) at this point.

Lucy and George aren’t related. At least not yet.

I ordered a refrigerator, which should be delivered tomorrow. I also ordered another power source for my computer. And a small coffee pot. I still have boxes and papers all over the place. I have a Medical appointment the 10th, a battery trial the 24th…

And the fact is I’d really rather be working on my website, or my genealogy, than writing this, but I didn’t want another month to go by that I didn’t write anything.

I also have the peeing ticket and the misdemeanor possession marijuana charge to deal with. Robert called me today and asked me to say something on the radio about it but I really didn’t feel like it. At the time I was immersed in the Morongo Valley documents. I haven’t looked at them in years and there is much work I had hoped to do to the online presentation.

It’s half past midnight now, on Sunday night, and for two solid years I had no where to use a computer, or the internet, or even be indoors at this time of night.

Beginning with 6 weeks on the Victor’s sofa, I haven’t had any privacy in 3 years. And have been, essentially, homeless since then. And living in fear and terror pretty much the entire time.

It is a relief to be indoors, but there’s nothing particularly joyful about it. I am surrounded by the shreds of what was once my life.

This is truly the first time I have had to myself, to sit and contemplate what has happened to me, in years and years. And even now I have three court dates coming up facing thousands and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the time and grief, and possibly incarceration.

Isn’t taking everything I have, terrorizing me for years, jailing me, dragging me through the courts, and tossing me out in the street and constantly humiliating and spitting on me for 3 years enough?

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