Mar 25 2008



I became housed March 10th, 2008.

I wouldn’t call it a home. It will never be a home. But it’s a Hell of a lot better than sleeping on the sidewalk.

Manthri Srinith, a local business owner, fronted me the money. He even walked over to the office here at the residence motel and gave money orders to the management personally.

I am of course, extremely grateful.

I see it’s now over a week later. I know the first week was spent getting DSL. I tried to order online, but it kept coming back with the wrong zipcode for the address. Now this was odd because the first thing it ask you for is the zipcode, to check if DSL is available in your area. But after that, eventually, you get to this long form asking all your personal information, and you have to enter your address.

I spent hours online chatting with an assistant who finally told me to place the order with the wrong zipcode and then correct it by telephone, when I get the confirmation. Well I got one ‘confirmation’ with an ‘online confirmation id’ that said I would get another one in three days. But I never got that.

It was supposed to be turned on on the 17th, and in the meantime I was cited on Pacific Avenue, in front of Borders, by Aldridge, Hope and another one who’s name escapes me for a moment, for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. They did everything they could to humiliate me on the street.

I had gone to the Chinese Restaurant to eat because they had wifi and the day before the shift-manager at Pergolesi’s had yelled at me when I went outside on the sidewalk to smoke a joint. They’ve been good to me for a long time…

…but I didn’t want to go there and I didn’t have any internet access in my room. I remember Mattison came in a while after I did, and sat behind me.

Anyway, I was on my way from the Chinese Restaurant to the Pizza Place, since they had wifi. I saw Howard standing outside of El Centro and was talking to him when the three walked by. I continued talking to him for awhile, but did want to get to the internet. For one thing, I wanted to follow up on the DSL order.

Anyway, I passed the three again on the way to the pizza place. They were all busy giving tickets. So I went out of my way, continuing up Pacific, to go past them, and finish my pipe in front of Borders.

When I stepped out from an alcove, I saw the three of them standing in the next alcove behind a bush. Aldridge threatened to search me if I didn’t give him my pipe and medicine. He stated I was withing 1000 feet of a church. He asked for a card and I told him I didn’t have one. But I did have my recommendation. He asked what conditions, and I told him. He asked how much. I told him there wasn’t an amount on that recommendation but Dr. Robert Sterner in Southern California had recommended 5g per day. He asked how long and I told him since 1995.

They really put me through it until I was crying, “Why can’t you leave me alone.”

That was the day after I tried to order DSL online to save a buck.

And so it was the 17th before I followed up on the DSL. And ended up placing an order by phone after trying a dozen times to follow up on the original order both online and by phone.

Then on the 19th, two days before the service was to be turned on, it was turned on.

And it turns out that was the original order, that no one could find, two days late.
And that the modem I had received in the mail that morning, a day early I thought, was from the original order that no one could find and I had been told was cancelled.

And now I have a second gateway, at the office, in a busted box, to deal with.

It’s slow. Sometimes as slow as dial-up. Streaming media pauses every couple of seconds, but the next fastest service costs over twice as much so I’ll live with it.

I think it was two days before my birthday, because I’d gotten a ticket for peeing, that I checked at the clerk’s window and found a warrant had been issued for the incident at Pizza My Heart. So a couple of days later I went down to the court house and got the warrant recalled on condition I appear in court.

I remember I decided to get a room for a couple of days, in case they put me in jail when I tried to do something about the warrant.

They assigned me to appear in court on the 21st, the day the DSL was finally to be turned on (11 days after I moved in on the 10th). As it turns out, it was two days after I got internet access in my room on the 19th.

I was extremely frustrated because I feared I would have been declared guilty since I didn’t show for the first scheduled appearance. They put me in jail November 25th, when the incident occurred. And when I got out and got my possessions they had separated my medicine, and possibly some other things, and I was told I would require a court order to get them. Since I wasn’t on the calender on the date originally scheduled for the arraignment and since I had too much to deal with and hoped it had just gone away, I didn’t bother to try to get my medicine back.

On the 21st, 4 days ago, I was assigned a public defender and am rescheduled to appear on the 24th of April. We will see what happens with that.

She indicated I could have gotten an order to get my medicine back if I’d had a recommendation with me that was current at the time. As it was, the one I had with me was the current one, more recent than that. So I will take the recommendation that was current then to the pre-trial conference.

Since I suspect they may have entered a tape as evidence, I stated I wanted a tape beginning when I got up to leave for the restroom.

I stated I felt as if I were black in a white lunch counter in 1950 and that I had been repeatedly assaulted through the restroom door, as soon as I entered.

I realized a day or two after I became housed that it had been 3 years, to the day, I became homeless. It was March 10th, as I recall, that was the deadline I was given to vacate my last premise. Though I had driven to San Bernardino to appear in Superior Court, hopefully to get a rehearing of the decision on housing.

Heather helped me get my things from storage. And Mike gave me a microwave.

I have a single bed, two tables, and end table, a lamp, and a chair.

The chair fell apart last night. I will have to get another chair soon. It’s a wooden chair assembled with pegs. There is a bathroom with a shower and tub, a toilet, a sink. A large walk-in closet. It’s a corner room with windows in the corner wall. There are two views of the hills on either side visible from the corner, but most of the view is a wasteland of rooftops.

Other than my files, what I have managed to save is two frying pans, which I won’t be able to use here, and two VCRs and a bunch of books and tapes. No clothing to speak of. The satin sheet my mother sent me. And the quilt my grandmother made. The photographs and memorabilia my mother sent me. The old windows 98 desktop that the San Bernardino sheriffs had for six months. The touch-screen Spud gave me. A scanner than Lanny gave me. I tried to download drivers from the internet and was told the device was past it’s useful life…

I found that my webcam was broken the other night. My best guess is the police broke it when they went through my things November 25th.

I can’t recall using it since then. The mounting clip has been pulled off and it wasn’t in the camera bag with the camera. The camera is useless without the mounting clip.

This morning, in my email, I received one stating my Norton subscription had been automatically renewed and my credit card charged. I took me several hours to get the service cancelled, and the charge reversed.

What with the extra phone service and the Norton automatic renewal, I could have $150 on my credit card that I wasn’t expecting and can’t afford.

Still, I’ve noted no boils coming up on my thighs for days, so painful I could barely walk, until finally bursting in a bloody pussy mess. Not since I’ve been housed and can bathe regularly. Nor have I shit my pants because I couldn’t make it to a toilet.

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