Jan 25 2008

A Cold Day in Hail

Hail in Santa Cruz, California, January 21, 2008, click to view larger image.
Hail in Santa Cruz, California, January 21, 2008, click to view larger image.
Hail in Santa Cruz, California, January 21, 2008, click to view larger image.
Hail in Santa Cruz, California, January 21, 2008, click to view larger image.
Hail in Santa Cruz, California, January 21, 2008, click to view larger image.

Shortly after my I posted about being thrown out in the storm, Manthri, owner of LuLu’s offered to front me money for a place. This was upon urging by RadicalFanatical, one of the Sentinel Forum participants, to apply for a room at The Palomar. They stated they had called and and been told I could get in within a month.

The Palomar is an SRO (Single Room Occupancy) residential hotel. In other words, an old hotel that has been converted to housing for the poor. The rooms have a private bath but no kitchen. Nor do I know if there is any internet access available in the rooms.

Upon the urging of the forum members, and upon promise by Manthri to front me the money to move in, I submitted an application. Manthri put one condition on the loan, that I repay it before I move.

The application asks for 5 years of employment history and 5 years of past landlord references, and 3 personal references. It also states half-way houses don’t count.

Monday morning I took a different route than normal to Pergolesi, down River Street instead of Pacific. I think it was because I had to go to the bank. But the point is as I was passing LuLu’s at the Museum I heard my name, and upon looking around realized I was being hailed by Manthri.

I said, “You must be Manthri,” and we shook hands.

Later that day it hailed.

Manthri said he left $25 for the credit check with the manager at the Palomar. I said I would call Monday, but that was before I realized Monday was a holiday. And now it’s Thursday. And raining. And cold. I hear the roads are closed up in the mountains and there is snow on the ground. All the newspapers in San Francisco and San Jose, and locally, have front page stories about the snow, and pictures.

I think it was that same day I called Jhond and spoke more about his cabin. I called more due to the urging of Robert than anything else. I know this time I said, “Why don’t you tell me what you have in mind?”. About the point he said he hoped to have the place ready in a couple of weeks and that his current tenants are willing to pay $800 for it – at about that point my eyes began to glaze over.

About noon today the California Supreme Court found that it is not a violation of 215 for employers to fire medical marijuana patients who test positive for marijuana. So far there are about 400 articles on the internet about it. I would like to believe this is the tipping point that spurs the public to rise up and end this insane “Drug War”, but I don’t have any faith in the character of the American people any more.

This morning, to avoid the rain, I walked under the awning in front of the bike shope and flower shop where the police forced me out in the rain during our hurricane-force storm of the decade. It appears the person who came out from behind the buildings and yelled for the police to arrest me because I was causing a disturbance was from the bicycle shop. The guy in the flower shop didn’t look all that friendly, but he wasn’t the heckler. It was the guy from the bike shop. Where they sell the really expensive bicycles.

Other than the incident during the hurricane-force storm the police have pretty much left me alone. I thought they were going to move me along last night. I was standing at my accustomed sleeping spot, having a cigarette watching the rain when a car pulled up in front of me and an officer asked me if I’d been there all night. A bit taken aback by the question I replied, “I beg your pardon?” and then answered the question with a simple “No.”

And then he asked me if I’d been at LuLu’s, and even more puzzled, I replied, “No”.

It seems LuLu’s had called the police about someone at the back door. With me standing there the officer repeated the description he was getting over his head set; red beard, tall, green pea-jacket…nothing at all like me.

And he said, “That’s not you.” And left.

Flyfisher offered me a sleeping bag, mat, and so forth which I left a pm that I could use. But I haven’t heard any more from them. It’s been several days. And the fact is the zipper on my sleeping bag has about had it. Sometimes it takes four or five trys before I can get the zipper to close.

The offered it to me back in October and I told them to go to Hell. I can’t remember why exactly, and wrote a lengthy explanation/apology on the forum the other day. To which they responded that my apology was accepted and they still had the stuff if I wanted it.

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