Dec 18 2008

1.5 Million Maniacs Waiting To Explode

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Well, the election’s been over for a while now. I came in last with about 2,000 votes out of ten candidates, about 200 votes behind next-to-last. I had about 1,600 votes from the mail-in ballots, and was next to last, but lost ground when the precincts were counted. All the charges against me have now Continue reading →

Nov 19 2008

Catching Up

One of the reasons I haven’t posted for over a month is that shortly after the article about WAMMFest appeared in the local paper it was announced in the comments to the story that one of the people focused upon was a convicted child-molester, and she was in charge of childcare: Police: Sex offender at Continue reading →

Sep 30 2008

Down to the seeds and stems

I must say the pace of my life has picked up dramatically over the past couple of weeks. I didn’t get around to finishing this entry until well into October, even though it’s dated September. My care-giver, Pacific Coast Cooperative was raided. This was on the 18th, on Thursday. I had been there the previous Continue reading →

Sep 07 2008

On the Run

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I’m actually writing this post on the 11th. I started it on the 6th, and wrote one sentence, and put it aside to finish later. I intended to finish it the next day, or the next, and here we are. I’ve been very busy. I’ve spoken at two candidate forums so far, and I’ve been Continue reading →