Sep 22 2007


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I had to go to court again Friday for sleeping tickets. One ticket was dismissed when the issuing officer didn’t show. I was required to prove my innocence, that there was no legal alternative, on the other.

The judge refused to accept that the ticket was before July 6th, when I was found not-guilty of four tickets per The Necessity Defense.

I was the last case, and was in court until it closed at 4:30pm.

The judge asked me what had happened in the mean time, and if I had made any attempts to get housing. I related the various events, including that my mother had emailed everyone she could think of and got responses from the city manager and Page Smith, among others.

The City Manager’s office was surprised their social services refused housing and services to medical marijuana patients (after all I’ve gone through to raise the issue) but that since the contract for services from the county it isn’t their jurisdiction.

Page Smith who refused me housing twice, told my mother I could get on their list…

…which I never did.

I mentioned the ongoing conversation with ‘greaves’ and ‘beach bum’ and that there would be no where for me to medicate.

The judge called Page Smith, and continued the trial until Tuesday. I assume the verdict will be based on what Page Smith says, and whether or not I can present evidence that I had no legal alternative. I expect to be found guilty because I didn’t spend every waking moment applying for housing.

The judge also asked me about my finances, and my credit. I had my mail with me and my credit card statements and told her I was $7,000 in debt, mostly from buying motel rooms to sleep legally.

I what I thought was a confirmation for a ‘pre-application’ for housing turned out to be an application for housing in another county, in Hollister and San Juan Bapista, a different county. From the Santa Cruz housing authority. I hadn’t actually looked at the application, and the judge asked me to read it, and when I realized it was in another county I said, “They might as well send me to Nazi Germany”.

I don’t know whether she will accept ‘evidence’ Tuesday. I was left with the impression that a lot depends on what Page Smith says.

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