Aug 16 2007

Rip Off

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I still haven’t fixed my computer. I have removed a lot of software and something is still chewing up all my cpu in ‘normal’ mode while every thing works fine in safe mode.

HUFF & The Human Rights Organization put on an series of events Sunday culminating in a sleep-in at City Hall. About 20 people slept there and while I didn’t go by this morning there has been that number sleeping there every night since so I’ve been told.

I had it out with them yesterday morning. Exactly what I said would happen has happened, or is happening. I got mad Sunday night when I tried to sleep and a couple were talking loudly, making no effort to lower their voices for the ten or so people sleeping next to them. It echoed off the stone floors and down the arched veranda. In a case like that, complaining is always a mistake. In a case like that, anyone that says something will be insulted and intimidated.

I said something, and it wasn’t exactly polite, and left angry and screaming.

What was said to me was, “No one else complained.” And the girl giggled. I replied “This isn’t funny. I’ve been homeless three years… I’m going to have to pack up and move at 2 in the morning to get some sleep. You’re worse than the police you God damned bitch.” Or something like that.

I’m not proud of it, but this whole thing was turning out exactly as I feared it would and exactly as I had stated it would when the thing first came up at the meeting some weeks ago.

The next night when I went back there was a scuffle in the court yard. I was too far away to hear or see how it started or exactly what happened. I was standing on the sidewalk with Becky. Robert joined us and after I said something about it looking like bulls butting heads and I didn’t want to butt heads with those people all night a girl and two guys drifted over. They were reporting to Robert their organizing activities. It sounded like the same couple I had gone off on the first night and I’m all but certain they are the same.

The homeless must wake up at sunrise. Their day is long and tedious. They are tired from the time they wake up in the morning till they go to sleep at night. If they can find a place to sleep undisturbed.

It seemed to me anyone that didn’t appreciate and respect that…

… after listening to the two of them awhile I decided I really had to get away from there before I said some really provacative things. But I couldn’t get away without launching a parting shot, “I certainly won’t be coming back here.”

I felt bad about that and Robert called me the next morning, Wednesday, about 8:30 to tell me their weekly meeting would be held at city hall rather than the county building and coaxed me to be there.

It was a trainwreck.

Bernard was there.

The guy introduced himself to me and came across very warm and friendly, but it was a ploy. I think I was quite gracious when he asked me if I was the guy in the article they had posted in the middle of their display. And stated, “Why don’t you tell me your story. I haven’t read it.”

I didn’t say, “You’re organizing this thing and it’s in the middle of your display and you haven’t read it?”

But anyway, it came to discussion about about what they wanted and the girl said they were working on a list and I said I wanted one of the things to be that medical marijuana be treated like medicine by homeless and social services. The guy said they didn’t want to mix the issues.

I said, “That’s it. I’m out of here.”

And then realized these people had an article about me and medical marijuana and homelessness as part of their display. And I went back and ripped it off and said, “You don’t get to use me for this.”

And someone yelled “Vandalism,” and there was yelling about calling the police and having me arrested.

And I went to the library across the street. I sat down to smoke a cigarette and one of them followed me over there. As I was trying to figure out what, if anything I should do, the one that followed me said the police were coming and they were going to arrest me for vandalism. So I extinguished my just lit cigarette and went in the library and hoped I could get online and comment about it before the police came.

And, after I’d posted in the Sentinel’s forums about it, and denounced the organizers (NOT Robert or Bob Patten or Becky or Bernard) and distanced myself from them as publicly as I could, I realized even if I should get arrested for ripping down an article about me (stranger things have happened to me) I wouldn’t end up in jail without someone trying to get me out.

Becky told me the event Sunday was a raging success for HUFF.

And it seems to me Robert has done a Hell of a lot more for me than I ever did for him.

I was arrainged Tuesday and will be going to trial September 21st at 1:30pm. I could not have presented a ‘necessity defense’ without a lot of work by him and the people he button-holed on my behalf.

And I wonder whether I can do it again.

What I cannot do is support a demonstration that doesn’t want to ‘mix’ homelessness and medical marijuana. They already are mixed.

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