Aug 06 2007

Hack Attack

Posted by J. Craig Canada in james, laptop, lulu carpenter's

It’ll be two weeks Thurday that my computer has been disabled. The trouble began when I plugged into an electrical outlet sprouting out of a flower bed next to LuLu’s next to the museum. I got a series of messages saying something about a bad date and ‘file name truncated’. It created a new user, after renaming all the directories in my user area.

The keyboard and touchpad work fine in safe mode, so I’m confident the hardware is ok. I spent Friday night and Saturday at James’ copying the data onto one of his hard drives. But we weren’t able to resolve the problem.

Something is running in the background in normal mode that is using all the resources, making it impossible to do anything. Typing in a complete word from the keyboard is impossible.

And I was unsuccessful in reintalling the system software from the manufacturer disks. It appears it mauy be necessary to do a low-level format on the hard disk in order to reinstall the operating system.

Backing up what we did back up took hours. And now that I think about it I should have a backup somewhere. Seems to me I made a complete backup and copied it to my website.

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