Jul 03 2007



I see it’s been over two weeks since I’ve made an entry. I’ve been buried in my genealogy and did get a new revision out for the Holiday, and it appears the spike is coincidental with that.

I’m very tired, angry and depressed at the moment. Out of medicine, and the owner of Lulu’s continues to trash me in a concerted effort (probably backed by the Downtown Association) to run me out of town.

Someone who calls themselves BeachBum has started on the “I don’t want my children to see…” crap. Well, I don’t like a lot of things.

I don’t like being in public 24 hours a day every day, constantly subject to every asshole who thinks the ability to procreate gives them the right to use their children to bully and intimidate.

I don’t like the painful boils that come up on my thighs because I can’t bath. The ones that eventually pop and ooze huge gobs of blood and puss. I don’t like the sores on my feet because they’re eaten up with fungus because I can’t bath. I don’t like being dirty and wearing the same clothes day after day. I don’t like hauling a couple of heavy bags with me where-ever I go.

I guess I’ve neglected preparing for the trial Friday, but I just don’t see how running myself ragged and spending every cent I have is going to change anything. They’ve denied me legal representation, or a jury.

My life has been one long trail of tears. I’ve been approved for Pay-Per-Post which means I could make a little money bloggin, but they require 20 posts in 90 days or something like that, and after not posting for the last couple of weeks I’ve probably fallen below their minimum.

Robert, Valerie and all had a tabling out in front of Santa Cruz Bookstore, which I didn’t think went all that well, and neither did Valerie.

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