Jul 19 2007

I have only my genius to declare

Posted by J. Craig Canada in laptop, Medical Marijuana, Smoking & Public Use

I got tired of hearing ‘imparied’ from the fundamentalists facists and put up an IQ test and a poll on the Sentinel’s Website. Of course, I never expected any honest replies, but I hoped to inspire some people to try it. I took one and scored 138, and took another one posted by someone else, and scored the same.

The fact is I tried it before years ago, taking a test straight and then taking it up, and did much better up. At the very least, I wasn’t impaired. And that was what I hope to demonstrate.

In the course of that I got provoked and spouted off about being border-line genius and how most people seem to me like Downs-Syndrome children seem to normal people. And pointed out that about 70% of the population is as much below my IQ as Down’s Syndrome Children are to theirs.

I know it was a big mistake but I got provoked.

I was chastised last night for smoking on the deck of Pergolesi. And spent the first several hours this morning sitting on Pacific trying to figure out where to go to have coffee and use my computer.

There’s a new place called the Firefly.

Like they have those in California.

I remember what magic they were in Alabama on my grand-father’s farm. In the summer huge clouds of them would fly out of the trees blinking. Thousands and millions of them. It was better than fireworks. It was magic.

I remember once I filled up a jar with them and used it for a light.

They died within a couple of days and I don’t think I did that anymore.

Firefly is a little shop with a porch on a large black asphalt parking lot that bakes like a frying-pan in the morning and afternoon sun. I think the cement foundation must keep it cool inside and on the porch. I’m told the lot used to be the taxi yard.

Robert suggested I go there when I was moaning about looking for places where they wouldn’t resent me being there.

They seem friendly enough, but the first day I was there someone instructed the counter-person to put up a sign on the porch designating it non-smoking because they have non-smokers who spend a lot of money there and complain and it blows through the building from the porch.

So, the overwhelming majority of the time, the only place to smoke is on the baking asphalt in the blazing sun.

I had about enough time to read the newest attack on the Sentinel Forums when Carl of Pergolesi came in and started talking to the counter-person, who was evidently one of the owners. When they got to the part about how nice it was to have some support and someone to talk to I had to leave.

They have a dumpster in the corner of the parking lot, and evidently, that is where everyone goes to toke up.

I did it once or twice, and have decided I won’t do it anymore. I’ll pack a six-pack of soda in an ice-chest and sit at the library. It is very clever of Santa Cruz, after all I’ve said about going behind the dumpster, to hound me into a place where everyone goes behind the dumpster.

I was just about to medicate when Carl walked in, and after going out for a cigarette and sitting in the blazing sun on the baking asphalt to smoke a cigarette, I decided I wasn’t going behind the dumpster or anywhere else. I would just leave.

It was six blocks or more to a bench. The one that used to be in front of the Salvation Army had been ripped out, obviously by the planning department because the wrong people were sitting on it.

I couldn’t walk any further and sat down on the sidewalk.

And smoked awhile.

And decided to go to the Chinese restaurant, but there was a lady in the only booth near a plug, which was also the only booth occupied.

Finding a place to use my laptop is becoming more and more difficult.

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