Jul 04 2007

Enemy of the State

Posted by J. Craig Canada in AIDS, Alabama, Employment & Housing, San Francisco, tickets, trial

Friday I go on trial. I suppose the court will claim the victim of my crime is the People of California. I will end up in jail before it’s over. That has been a fact from the beginning.

My crime? Sleeping.

I’ve been an enemy of the state all my life, virtually from the day I was born. When I was growing up ‘homosexuality’ was a crime pretty much everywhere, and particularly in Alabama.

They pretty much ran me out of Alabama. Or what was left of me.

The thing that prompted me to go to San Francisco more than anything else was seeing the White Night riots on television in New Orleans. (They probably wouldn’t broadcast it in my hometown, Anniston, The Town That Wouldn’t Show Ellen.)

In many ways San Francisco wasn’t any better. But there was nowhere else to go.

In the midst of the AIDS epidemic they discovered cannabis kept AIDS patients alive when nothing else would. And eased their pain and suffering. And the first Cannabis Buyers Club was formed. I told them my tail of disastrous ‘side-effects’ from the pharmaceuticals I’d been prescribed and, upon presenting some documentation and declaring that marijuana relieved my illness, I was accepted as a member.

And became an enemy of the state in spades. For ten years every single one of my Constitutionally guaranteed inalienable rights have been violated. I have been terrorized, harassed, jailed, drug through the courts, convicted, my property seized and destroyed…

…over my ingestion of a naturally growing plant.

Over the past several years I have learned my ancestors ‘discovered’, founded, and built this country. They have been here over 350 years and longer, and their pedigrees are published in books with titles like Ancestral Colonial Families and Prominent Virginia Families.

And I am an enemy of the state because I smoke marijuana.

There’s a street performer here in Santa Cruz, Compassion Central, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. He puts on a puppet show from inside and old television case. He said he goes on trial the 11th for over $600 in tickets for ‘aggressive panhandling’ and ‘following’.

Now I’ve seen him draw a crowd. Often a large crowd. But I’ve never seen him follow anyone down the street with that TV on his head. And neither has anyone else. I asked.

I suppose he’s an enemy of the state as well, and the victim is the People of California.

He made an interesting comment this morning, he’d never been charged and drug through the courts in Arkansas. And I can’t remember ever being arrested and going to court for anything in Alabama.

I can remember just before an election they raided one of the bars I frequented, and published every one’s name in the paper. There were several suicides. I wasn’t there that night or my name would have been in the paper as well. And those that didn’t go to jail were probably ruined, paying everything they had in bribes…

…enemy of the state.

The state has spent millions of dollars and hundreds and thousands of man hours to harass, intimidate, terrorize, and destroy me because I use marijuana for a medical condition. And here in downtown Compassion Central, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, they threw me out in the street, tortured me for six months in their Concentration Camp they call ‘homeless services’, and refused me transitional housing because I’m a medical marijuana patient. And I have spent nearly 3 years here homeelss, destitutue, hopeless and so very very very tired.

But I’m not really homeless because I’m a medical marijuana patient, but because I told the truth.

There are medical marijuana patients fat and happy in transitional and subsidized housing. The “lie and hide” kind. The kind that will say anything to get the goodies.

But I’m the Enemy of the State.

A long time ago a lot of people were willing to testify (falsely) on my behalf. I was so naive. I refused to allow it. My reasoning was that if I must lie to achieve justice I have really lost, and they have won, because they have corrupted me and I have no more integrity than they do.

Since then I have witnessed, more than once, 4 or 5 police lie to convict me, at my trial.

I think I tried to make an issue of it once and the judge determined it didn’t change the ‘facts of the case’ and wasn’t important.

Enemy of the State.

I Will probably go to jail Friday. I refuse to pay any fine or penalty. I have committed no crime. It is the state who is the enemy and the state who is guilty.

And if you’ve read the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution you would know that.

And if you had half the balls, no even ten per cent of the balls OUR ancestors had, you would be up in arms and put an end to it. For whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The Prohibition of Cannabis is a Crime Against Humanity that dwarfs anything else in history. To allow it to continue is a violation of our most cherished and sacred principles. And it is UnAmerican.

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