Jul 22 2007


From Wikipedia Quisling, after Norwegian fascist politician Vidkun Quisling, is a term used to describe traitors and collaborationists. It was most commonly used for fascist political parties and military and paramilitary forces in occupied Allied countries which collaborated with Axis occupiers in World War II Europe, as well as for their members and other collaborators. Continue reading →

Jul 19 2007

I have only my genius to declare

Posted by J. Craig Canada in laptop, Medical Marijuana, Smoking & Public Use

I got tired of hearing ‘imparied’ from the fundamentalists facists and put up an IQ test and a poll on the Sentinel’s Website. Of course, I never expected any honest replies, but I hoped to inspire some people to try it. I took one and scored 138, and took another one posted by someone else, Continue reading →

Jul 13 2007

Robert’s Comments

Posted by J. Craig Canada in linda lemasters, Police, robert norse, trial

I recorded an interview with community TV yesterday which should be shown in a couple of weeks, and hopefully I can get a video file I can post here, as well as an interview I did several months ago. Here are Roberts comments regarding my blog. Congratulations on your victory, Craig! And a salute to Continue reading →

Jul 08 2007

Not Guilty

That was the verdict on all four counts of sleeping. I didn’t feel very victorious and I suspect that the fact that the ACLU was going to jump on it if I lost had a lot to do with the outcome; that it was a simple cost-benefit analysis. A number of people showed up, which Continue reading →