Jun 03 2007


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I got a motel room Tuesday, and mostly slept until the hearing on Friday.

It took all day Wednesday to get medicine, get my mail, and go to my storage.

I got the scanner and the photos and carted them to the motel room, only to discover the photo of Lewis Patterson Allred & family wasn’t there.

I was too tired after the trial to take the stuff back to storage. But the fact is, I really needed to rest, and some privacy, and to remind myself I’m a human being.

I ate mostly take-out from Santa Cruz diner and they have a decent menu and decent prices, for the area, anyway.

I procrastinated till Friday morning to write down my ‘case’. But I’d been thinking about it a lot and was just finishing up when Robert called and asked if I’d had contact with Kate Wells. So I collected my email, and went through it, and found the brief Kate had sent and read it, and called her.

Turns out she thought the trial was scheduled for 10am and had showed up in court with the brief, and made the motion without me.

That gave the judge a few hours to consider and their solution was to dismiss the failure to appear charges.

I represented myself, while the judge questioned four police and a park maintenance who showed up (getting at least double-time-and-a-half) to testify against me. The trial is to be continued on the four sleeping tickets in 30 days.

At Kate’s suggestion, I requested the police be available at the continuance. Kate and Robert (who sat behind me and coached me, and gave me moral support along with Bernard) seem to want to subpoena Ken Cole as well. Kate said she would prepare me a list of questions.

I questioned three of the police, best I can recall. There was no one making any sort of record of anything, even though I requested it. I asked them if I told them I had a psychiatric disability, was a medical marijuana patient and had been refused shelter by their homeless ‘services’ because I was a medical marijuana patient.

They all said “No” to all questions.

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