Jun 14 2007

An inspiration for the future

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I’ve been buried in my genealogy since the last posting here. And before, I guess.

I decided to work on a page with lists from The Revolution, The Civil War, and The Word Wars. It’s shaping up quite nicely, and while working on it I found a picture, on the Library of Congress Web Site, of my 2nd cousin 4 times removed, Andrew Johnson Hoge.

And several others.

I’ve spent more than a few minutes haunted by that photo. I found myself wondering if it was seen by a lot of people, if it was published. The Hoge’s were a rich, old, powerful family. One of them was what today would be termed the Spiritual Leader of The South during The Civil War. I found myself thinking how, for them, it must have been like standing on the wall of Troy and watching Achilles slaughter Paris.

Yesterday, a couple of articles came out about the homeless. One directly and one indirectly. One was about the latest report. It seems to me the article is a gross misrepresentation of the report.

Besides the article about homelessness is one about the park, which I found amusing.

It seems they’ve come to the painful realization that trying to have a nature preserve in the middle of town is unnatural and rather than admit it was a stupid idea they’ve decided to pat themselves on the back for thinking of doing what San Antonio did to their riverfront over twenty years ago, turning it into a ‘commercial zone’.

I haven’t been participating in the local forums lately, instead focusing on my genealogy and a revision I plan to have up by July 4th. And then I was harassed in a local coffee shop. In a nutshell, I bought a cup of coffee, sat down at a table and worked on my laptop a couple of hours, and then used their facilities as I was leaving. As soon as I got the door shut to the restroom one of their staff was beating on it, and when I came out they admonished me that their restroom was ‘for customers only’. It was one of those straws that breaks the camel’s back (I’ve had a number of those lately).

After posting about it someone in the forum offered to buy anyone that showed up a cup of coffee. I only skimmed the forum and wasn’t really aware of the context, but immediately after I posted they reiterated their offer in a manner indicating they were doing it for me, and it seemed to me a novel idea.

I showed up to see 6 people outside that might be forum members but didn’t recognize anyone. So I stood apart and smoked a bowl. As they were leaving I recognized one person. A couple of others came up and introduced themselves, and one of them gave me $20. So I went to another coffee shop and had a $5 mocha, and tipped the barista $1.

And had a second.

The owner of the coffee shop got on the internet and totally discredited themselves. At least that’s how it appears to me.

I read the preface to The Family of Hoge for the first time yesterday. This is how it ends:

It is not out of keeping with democratic principles to which I adhere and which I strive to interpret that I should take pride in the nobility of blood and name. Here is a record that is an inspiration for the future. I seek only to insure that the work of the author, so painstaking and valuable, shall not have been in vain and that all those of the blood who regard their origin and respect their lineage may have the record thereof preserved for all time.

James Fulton Hoge
Greensboro, N.C.
October 1, 1927

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