Jun 14 2007

An inspiration for the future

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I’ve been buried in my genealogy since the last posting here. And before, I guess. I decided to work on a page with lists from The Revolution, The Civil War, and The Word Wars. It’s shaping up quite nicely, and while working on it I found a picture, on the Library of Congress Web Site, Continue reading →

Jun 08 2007

Free Parking

Even in Monopoly there’s free parking. At least the way we used to play it. And all the money from any fines or penalties went into the middle of the board. And if you landed on “Free Parking”, you got all the money in the middle. It was like winning the lottery. And it could Continue reading →

Jun 03 2007


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I got a motel room Tuesday, and mostly slept until the hearing on Friday. It took all day Wednesday to get medicine, get my mail, and go to my storage. I got the scanner and the photos and carted them to the motel room, only to discover the photo of Lewis Patterson Allred & family Continue reading →