May 24 2007

Sweeps Week

Posted by J. Craig Canada in tickets

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up.

Which means it’s Sweeps Week here in beautiful downtown Compassion Central.

Sweeps Week is when they fleece the poor so the rich won’t be offended and can be fleeced by the locals. (The poor aren’t ‘locals’. Not even if they’ve been here twenty-five years. They are transient.)

I’ve been sleeping in the parking lot of Santa Cruz Title Company and got my second ticket there this morning. I was woken before 6 by a Santa Cruz police.

I don’t know of anywhere else to sleep. And I figure I will be lucky to make it through the next week and even show up in court. Much less be prepared. And by the time I get there I will be so harassed and stressed I will propably start screaming at the judge to go to Hell.

I have 6 sleeping tickets now. At $92 each. And two $275 failure to appear charges.

I can truly say I have never hated a place and a people as much as I hate this town. And I have never been as badly used. Not even in Alabama.

This is the most horrible, miserable bunch of sociopaths I have ever seen. And I’ve been around.

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