May 09 2007

Sleep Deprivation


I’ve been nodding off for a least three days. In the morning.

I realized recently I’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation since I’ve been homeless. Even though I eventually became exhausted enough that I could sleep on the concrete, I didn’t get rested.

I didn’t get rested sleeping on church floors either.

I used to nod off during the day over a year ago when I was sleeping on church floors with the church groups. Now that I think about it, I would fall asleep on the bus. The stops were the worst, waiting for the traffic light. I couldn’t sit through one without falling asleep.

I got the room about 2-3 this afternoon, and I remember I was so tired I was asleep by 4pm. And I slept till midnight.

I had meant to take a shower before I slept, so I wouldn’t soil the sheets and be sleeping on dirty sheets. At first I fell asleep on top of the covers. And half-waking a few hours later, but still too tired to shower (and sit up several hours while my hair dried) I slept under the cover. On top of the undisturbed sheets.

I’ve almost finished adding the Randolph Family Tree to my genealogy database. And I believe, if I have time to also input the Withers, Gaither, Duval, Howe, de Jarnette … and some other family genealogies available on Heritage Quest I will be cousin to them all.

Someone made a comment about double cousins in the Sentinel Forums, and I’ve been thinking of asking, by way of response, how else you’re supposed to produce a hybrid, or stable strain.

In The Family of Hoge they all but state that the grandparents of James Hoge Tyler were deliberately breeding.

Here is what Robert Isham Randolph has to say about his family. And what I find most telling is the casualness and understatement of what, today, is considered taboo.

Whether William Randolph was a carpenter or a cavalier, a commoner or an English “Gent,” he certainly carved out for himself a large measure of success in the new land and he was the progenitor of more distinguished Americans than any pioneer who set foot in the colony before or after him. His son John was knighted, his grandson Peyton was President of the first Continental Congress, his great grandson Edmund was Attorney General of the United States, his great grandson Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States, his great grandson John Marshall was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and for ten generations the line has produced distinguished and able citizens. The strain is crossed with all the first families of Virginia so it has not run to seed and the native American Indian blood of Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas has probably contributed something to the points of his descendants. The children of my grandfather, Robert Carter Randolph of Millwood, Clarke County, Virginia, trace their descent from the Indian source and from five of the six sons of the Pioneer who had issue. The children of his daughter Susan who married her second cousin Eston Randolph, trace their descent from all six of these sons.

There are over 10,000 individuals in the Randolph Family Tree of Robert Isham Randolph. And after typing them all in, I think of it as a woven rope.

And I feel certain that is how they saw it.

The Queen of England has been visiting the past couple of days, in honor of the establishment of Jamestown. After Jamestown she went to the Kentucky Derby and the media noted she was a great fan of horse-racing. And I found myself thinking that of course she was. It is a tournament and celebration of breeding, and as head of the royal family it would be odd if she didn’t take a keen interest in horse racing/breeding.

If I hadn’t been nodding off all day long the past several days, I probably would have finished the Randolph data already.

I’m to be in court tomorrow to plead “not guilty” for two sleeping tickets. And I spent $130 for a room for two days in order to be there. And the court intends to charge me $92 and up ($275 for court costs…) for illegal sleeping.

My ancestors were at Jamestown. And they are one of the “first families of Virginia” that were “crossed” into the Randolph line.

And I can’t help but believe they would be truly appalled by what America has become.

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