May 21 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in randolph, web publishing

My website has been broken and crippled for a week.

It’s happened before, and those dips below the baseline in the graph are Yahoo’s fault.

I had (finally) finished adding the Randolph Family Tree to my genealogy, and generated the report, which took an hour. It actually took four hours the first time I ran it, which got me extremely frustrated. And then, at the very end, the program crashed. But, after thinking about it, I tried running the report using a different mode, and it only took an hour.

It’s around 35,000 pages and Yahoo barfed before I’d got 10,000 up. My ftp died, I couldn’t access my web control panel or file manager, my forum was out. My website was essentially ripped to shreds because I had less than half of the genealogy report up and with only half of it up…

And there was nothing I could do about it.

And then it was Friday, about 3pm, they called and said it was fixed. I had been trying to upload and got about 10,000 files up. What they told me is that the system reset because of all the file names.

Hopefully it is fixed now and I’m certainly looking for a new web host, though I may give them one more chance.

If it happens one more time…

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